Kara meets her vinyl idols in a truly vintage performance

Kara Swinney with Darren Brownlie and Paul James Corrigan in Vinyl IdolKara Swinney with Darren Brownlie and Paul James Corrigan in Vinyl Idol
Kara Swinney with Darren Brownlie and Paul James Corrigan in Vinyl Idol
Wouldn't it be amazing if your heroes would come to life? Right off the posters on the wall and suddenly there, right beside you?

Well, maybe – or maybe not, if Clara’s experiences in Vinyl Idol are anything to go by.

In the brand new mini-musical – albeit one with a vintage feel – Clara is played by Polmont actress and singer Kara Swinney.

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“The storyline is absolutely mental, but it’s really good fun,” says Kara.

“Clara is a young girl who is obsessed with vintage stars like Cliff Richard and Elvis.”

She has collected all of his records, apart from one, and when her collection is mysteriously completed things take a very strange turn ... hilarious for the audience, if not so funny for poor Clara.

Written by Debbie Hannan and Andy McGregor, who is also the director, the show features new songs with a vintage feel.

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And Kara is delighted to be appearing at the prestigious venue, Oran Mor in Glasgow, where Vinyl Idol is the latest in the Play, Pie and a Pint lunchtime theatre productions.

“It’s amazing to walk in and see it covered in so many pictures and posters from past performances. It’s really exciting to be part of it,” said Kara, who graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland last year.

“It’s really great to be part of that tradition and it’s especially great to be part of something new – which is the mini musicals season.”

Her co-star is Paul James Corrigan – best known as River City’s loveable barman, Stevie – is an old hand.

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“He’s been lovely,” said Kara. “He’s done a few of these now so he’s been quite a calming influence.”

The third member of the cast is Darren Brownlie, who puts in a pitch perfect performance as Cliff Richard and Elvis, while Paul James Corrigan does a mean take on Frank Sinatra.

Vinyl Idol is at Oran Mor until Saturday. For tickets visit oran-mor.co.uk/.

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