Falkirk's Pleasure Heads butt technology in the brow

Four-piece rock combo Pleasure Heads take potshots at technology in their new single Cosmopolis but it will ironically still be available to download on well known digital formats from Friday.

Wednesday, 15th July 2020, 3:51 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th July 2020, 3:52 pm

According to a Pleasure Heads spokesbloke, Cosmopolis is critical of humanity’s increasing dependence on all things digital and longs for a return to good old face to face – rather than Facetime – interaction.

Featuring cover artwork by renowned German retrofuturist artist Klaus Burgle, the single "takes no prisoners” as it blasts away at everything from 24-hour news, instant messaging, dating apps and social media.

The lads, Euan Purves (vocals/guitar), Ross Coulter (guitar), Alan Sharp (bass) and Lewis Jaoui (drums), hope people will ignore some of the song’s anti-technology message long enough to fire up their handheld or laptop devices and download and enjoy it.

Falkirk band Pleasure Heads are releasing their new single Cosmopolis

Singer Euan said: “The idea for this song mainly comes from my disdain of technology. I admit being able to see, in real time, events happening on the other side of the world is valuable in bringing humanity together.

“Yet the personal connection is suffering as a result. It's easy to think of persons as disembodied voices, messages to be avoided, mere pixels on the screen. We too often can't see the brilliant, independent trees for the all-encompassing wood.

“Cosmopolis is a call for everyone to log off for once, see past the digital glitz, and broadcast their community spirit IRL.”

Euan and the boys liked the illustration Traffic Of The Future by the late artist Burgle and may or may not have used social media or e-mail to get in touch wityh the person who holds the rights to the painting to see if they could use a copy of it.

The amazing artwork for Falkirk band Pleasure Heads new single Cosmopolis

“Luckily he turned out to be a musician as well and was more than happy to let us use it as the cover,” said Euan.

Like the rest of the bands across the wide world, the Pleasure Heads have been robbed of a live audience for the last few months.

Before the pandemic panic they had been creating quite a stir in the Glasgow music scene and on the festival circuit with their growing set list of top tunes, including Concrete Lips, Middle Man and Sick Of The Sights.