Denny industrial grunge act Renegade by name and renegade by nature

Human Renegade frontman Alistair Scott doesn’t mince words when he talks about the majority of bands who populate the Glasgow music scene.

Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 10:54 am
Updated Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 9:04 am

“Everyone sounds the same – they’re all singing the same things and they all sound the same.”

This alternative industrial grunge outfit – who mainly hail from Cumbernauld, but have one member from Denny, which is more than enough for The Falkirk Herald to claim them as a local band – are certainly a wee bit different.

Well, what else can you say about a band whose founder members crosed paths because they had the same girlfriend?

Not at the same time we hasten to add.

“I’m influenced by literature and by different films – horror films,” says singer and the band’s songwriter Alistair. “We’re a bit more powerful than other bands and we really try to put on a show, something a bit theatrical.

“No one wants to pay their money and see four guys just standing there playing music.”

Well you have to pay attention to a band who just formed in 2018 and have already recorded songs in the same studio as Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr.

Alistair said: “At the start of last year we went down to Abbey Road studios in London and recorded an EP in a day. We just took the decision to do it even though it did cost quite a bit – though not as much as you would think.”

Spending a few hours cranking out their five-track EP A Toxic Absence, which includes tried and tested crowd favourites Death Row by Proxy and The Girl That Cried Wolf, the band forgot to do one vital thing on their trip to the iconic studio.

“We never got a picture of us crossing the road like The Beatles,” said Alistair.

Well that’s probably the only opportunity Human Renegade have let slip through their fingers over the last couple of years, having played to a growing fan base in Glasgow at King Tuts, Stereo, Broadcast and other live showcases at regular intervals.

Alistair and the lads, Cameron Gray (guitar), Jack Davies (bass) and relatively new recruit – and Denny resident – Craig Kendall (drums), will be at it again, headlining 13th Note in Glasgow on Thursday, February 6.

They may be grungy and louder than loud at times – and admit as much in their rather self-deprecating Facebook messages to fans – but they ain’t one trick ponies either as anyone who listens to the marvellous melody of piano powered song It’s Something About Emma (With Malicious Intent) will plainly hear.

The year of 2020 just might belong to Human Renegade.

“No one really does much for local bands anymore,” said Alistair. “So we’re trying to push ourselves as much as possible this year.”

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