Capital gig for Media men

Falkirk's favourite political punk rockers The Media Whores are heading for the home of Holyrood to launch their new album.

Falkirk band The Media Whores
Falkirk band The Media Whores

The band, Craig Anderson (vocals/guitar), Jim MacKellar (guitar/vocals), Doogie Mackie (bass/vocals) and Andy Russell (drums/vocals), will be playing Sneaky Petes in Edinburgh tomorrow (Friday) night to introduce their fans to the incendiary tracks which grace the grooves of their third LP Dangerous Minds.

The Media Whores will then descend the steps into Glasgow’s Nice and Sleazys on Thursday, September 29, to unleash Dangerous Minds upon the good people who inhabit the west of the country.

From their formation in 2008, the band has created catchy music which gets its hard hitting point across.

Their most political release to date, Dangerous Minds’ dozen tracks take guitar-powered potshots at everything from fracking to death, big business to body image, the police force to sweeping social welfare reforms.

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    Standout tunes include the stomping Black Widow, the spooky 60s reverb-drenched Zombies of Mayfair and punk anthem Vinyl Head.

    Never one to forget their Falkirk fans, The Media Whores have organised a bus from Pennies to take people to and from tomorrow’s capital city gig .

    The doors for the Whores open wide from 7.30pm

    Dangerous Minds is available on download and at Noise Noise Noise shop in Falkirk and Europa in Stirling.

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