Addams Family’s a scream!

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They’re creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky but when Larbert Opera’s concerned, The Addams Family are also funny and surprisingly musical.

The musical, based on the iconic cartoon, famous television show and successful film, is new – it premiered on Broadway in 2010 and its first UK professional production opened only this year.

It’s a brave choice for the company – there are no familiar tunes, unless you count the famous finger clicking of the title tune which makes a brief appearance.

But Larbert Opera have shown that they can do something different and pull it off and this is another triumph.

The story revolves around Wednesday Addams, wielding a crossbow and having set her sights (metaphorically, of course) on Lucas, who unfortunately happens to be ... well, normal.

Lynsey Craig puts in an incredibly assured performance with lovely rich vocals to match a cool yet sparky performance.

The boy who’s captured her heart is played by another young talent, Andrew Gibson, who characterises the straightlaced lover’s angst perfectly.

Claire Wilson’s imperious Morticia is well matched by Stewart Borthwick’s Gomez, torn apart by his desire to be loyal to his wife and please his daughter.

Chiara Sportelli is fabulous as Lucas’ mum Alice – on the surface sweet and demure but hiding something darker – ably matched by Gordon Gallacher as her stern, buttoned down husband.

Shelley McLaren gets lots of laughs with her brilliant characterisation of the batty 102-year-old gran, Lewis Baird is excellent as Pugsley and Arron Flanagan gives a towering performance (literally) as Lurch.

The acting and singing from everyone, including the spectacular chorus, is a very high standard, set by Derek D Easton as Uncle Fester. His performance is just wonderful - funny, endearing and completely bonkers.

From the chorus of the undead to the fabulous set which is a series of screened projections it all looks amazing.

The songs may be unfamiliar but they are catchy, although at a couple of points the music almost overwhelms the performers which is a pity.

Overall, thanks to director Derek D Easton, choreographer Yolande Borthwick and musical director Jan Cunningham it all zips along at a cracking pace and thanks to the talented ensemble there’s a real emotional heart beneath it all.

So, if you’re looking for a night that’s altogether ooky, join the Addams Family at the Dobbie Hall until Saturday. It’s frightfully good.


Gomez Addams, Stewart Borthwick; Morticia Addams, Claire Wilson; Wednesday Addams, Lynsey Craig; Uncle Fester, Derek D Easton; Grandma Addams, Shelley McLaren; Pugsley Addams, Lewis Baird; Lurch, Aaron Flannagan; Lucas Beineke, Andrew Gibson; Alice Beineke, Chloe Sportelli; Mel Beineke, Gordon Gallacher

The Addams Ancestors: Sarah Finlay, Jillian Govan, Caitlin Grozier, Kirsten McConnachie, Yolande Borthwick, Joanne Dingwall, Jeanna Connell, Chloe Hendry, Dale Henry, Karyn Russell, Robyn McKinnon, Christopher Duncan, Margaret-Ann Fletcher, Elaine Campbell-Swan, Chloe Kennedy, Lucy Andrew, Jacqueline Wardlaw, Christine Jenkins, Keith Watson, Dawn Easton, Tracy Allan, Fiona Rosser, Esther Trevis, Kim Dickenson, Yvonne Kelly.