Abigail’s off to LA

A wannabe actress has landed a spot at an exclusive acting academy in the heart of Hollywood.

Larbert High’s Abigail Comrie is jetting off to LA in July to join other talented youngsters cherry-picked by Celebrity Talent Academy (CTA) to learn the tricks of the trade and sample a taste of Tinseltown.

Abigail Comrie who is off to America for a drama course

Abigail Comrie who is off to America for a drama course

The experience will involve Abigail spending five days at Universal Studios, mingling with stars and learning first-hand what it’s like to work in the industry.

The students will also have the opportunity to meet casting agents and celebrity photographers.

And the star-struck acting hopefuls will also get to strut their stuff on the red carpet and enjoy a VIP performance by a famous teen band.

Abigail (14) said: “I’m really excited because it’s a great opportunity.

“Acting is what I really want to do, so this is great.

“I’m really looking forward to putting together my own actors’ reel,

“And on the last night, there’s a red carpet gala dinner.

“We have been told that the teen band is definitely not One Direction, but apart from that we’re not sure who we’re going to meet.

“All my friends at school think it’s amazing.”

Abigail auditioned for the course in Edinburgh three weeks ago.

The Stenhouse School of Dance pupil had to memorise a short advertisement and deliver it to a panel of judges.

Competition for the academy, which also has a base in London, was fierce, with hundreds of hopefuls auditioning up and down the country.

Abigail’s mum Larraine McVeigh will be accompanying her daughter on the trip, but will be sending regular reports to those waiting back home, such as step-dad Brian and Abigail’s dog Benji.

Larraine added: “I am a bit nervous, but I’m going to be doing parents workshops as well which are about supporting children in the industry and also talking to other parents who have been through it.

“I’m really happy for her.

“I just want her to go and enjoy herself.

“If nothing comes of it, I won’t be bothered because she’s going to have the chance to experience something completely different and meet new people.”

Abigail is already preparing for the trip by becoming Facebook friends with other youngsters who were successful at the auditions.

It’s not the first time Abigail’s talents in front of the camera have been recognised.

In 2010, she was whisked off to London for a fashion shoot with one of her favourite magazines after entering a photo competition.

But with a transatlantic holiday on the horizon, she is definitely looking forward to the summer more than most.

She added: “I can’t wait.”