Who is your Heraldsport hero?

EVERY week, Heraldsport chronicles the hard work and effort put in by Falkirk's sporting teams and individuals in the pursuit of success.

We know, see and read about the

phenomenal achievements of local

sportsmen and sportswomen weekly -

and it's been that way for decades.

Falkirk has a sporting success story

and over the years there have beenmany

who have written chapters in history

because of their feats on the ?eld, on the

track, or in the gym.

Likewise there are others who may

not have tasted many prizes, but they

were handed plenty of plaudits as fans'


And now, Heraldsport wants YOU to

nominate YOUR sporting heroes and

tell us all about them - past and present

- for inclusion in a new year special.

Whether it be Crunchie Kevin McAllister, Steve Frew or Alex Totten

every hero is unique for a reason, and

every fan has their own.

SEND your suggestions and any reasons

why to sport@falkirkherald.co.uk

clearly marked 'Heraldsport Heroes'.

Alternatively post them to Heraldsport

Heroes, The Falkirk Herald, Unit 4A,

Gateway Business Park, Beancross

Road, Grangemouth, FK3 8WX.