Warming up for Glasgow’s unpredictable climate

Jade Nimmo.
Jade Nimmo.

Jade Nimmo has been going long haul in her bid for long jump success at this month’s Commonwealth Games.

She’s sampled Florida and South Africa in the past six months in preparation for Glasgow.

In the USA she was training alongside sprint-star Tyson Gay - in “perfect facilities” - but the excellent weather might not be replicated in Glasgow.

“I was out in the States for three weeks’s of warm weather training a few months ago now and it went really well.

“It was perfect facilities - Tyson Gay was around when I was there.

“If I could base myself there in the perfect faciltiies for four or five months a year I could avoid the winter training here - that’s a downside - I might never come back!

“I was in South Africa in January - both very different but both great set-ups.

“We’ll have our waterproofs looked out for Glasgow.

“We were in Denmark and excpeting good conditions but it was pouring and two degrees above frerezing. Other athletes were giving up - I saw it as my chance so you never know. I’m used to it and train in it all the time. They thought I was daft and it only takes one jump to do.”

To help fund her global travels Nimmo has been working as an athlete mentor for the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust and also has affiliations to the Howgate Centre and many more. She is followed by many young up and coming athletes on social media - which she also uses to keep in touch back home.

I’m quite comfortable being a role model, I used to look up to Kelly Holmes at the Olympics winning her medals and I think it’s great to have someone and some thing to work towards.

“If I do that, then great.

I just focus on my training and that’s the ultimate aim.”

Followers on Twitter over the past two years have seen a dramatic change in Nimmo, who has added muscle mass through weight-lifting session - often alongside Falkirk FC players at Grangemouth.

“I lift twice a week. It is my most favourite session of the week - even ahead of the jumps and the technical side of things. The technique stuff is the hard work and that’s good stuff.

“Over the last couple of years I’ve had a few little technical things to work on and I’ve focussed on getting faster and stronger.

I’m running fast and lifting well as well so it’s just a case of jumping big and building up to the Games now.

“I’ve been at Hampden for football but not seen it since the track. 50,000 in the home crowd - I’m aiming to be competitive and just love every minute of it.

“I need them all behind me.”

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