VIDEO: Julie Nimmo looks to the future

This year’s Commonwealth Games might have come too soon for Falkirk triathlete Julie Nimmo but the youngster thinks she will be ready for action next time around.

At just 16 Nimmo is not yet competing at the senior level but she has no doubt that when the time comes she can step up and make her mark.

FALKIRK triathlete Julie Nimmo

FALKIRK triathlete Julie Nimmo

Not content with just one discipline the youngster dedicates her week to training in three.

While most 16-year-olds only have their GCSE’s to worry about Nimmo has to balance her education with an intensive training programme.

Her rigorous schedule sees her do more than ten hours every week and she thinks that her dedication will pay off when the time comes to represent her country.

“I swim about seven hours a week, cycle about two, run about three and do some strength and conditioning too,” said Nimmo, who benefits from being a member of the SSE Next Generation scheme.

“It’s difficult but you’ve got your coach, friends and family around you for support and motivate you. My friends understand why I can’t come out all the time.

“The Scottish Commonwealths have come too soon but I’ll be going to watch.

“I’d love to go to 2018 and Tokyo 2020 and I’ve just moved up an age group so I’d love to compete more in British this year too and try just to get the distances and meet new competitors.

“Right now I do shorter distances because I’m in youth but next year I move up to juniors, which is double the distance.

“It’s going to be hard at first but I think it’ll be okay because I’ve always had a lot of base fitness. I’ve not always been a person with lots of speed, I’ve always had lots of stamina so hopefully that will help.”

Nimmo admits that juggling her school life with the desire to be a top class athlete is a challenge.

“It’s hard but my school are really supportive,” she said.

“They give me extra periods to study so that when I go home I can go straight to training and I don’t have to try and juggle my homework.”

With the Brownlee brothers flying the flag for Britain in London 2012, Nimmo thinks the triathlon is growing at a rapid rate.

“The Brownlee brothers have really raised the profile of the sport,” she said.

“It’s a lot bigger and a lot more exciting and hopefully there will be a lot more competitions leading up to Olympics.

“The triathlon scene is getting a lot better. There’s going to be trials on the Commonwealth course that the younger people can test out, get relay teams and just have an experience of what it would be like.”

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