Two runaway champions, two different reactions

Next season, to win the SPFL Premiership league title, Celtic are 1/33.
For those not of a betting persuasion that means for every £1 you place on Celtic to win the league – which they will – you’ll receive three pence profit.

That is exactly why the perennial discussion of league reconstruction continues to be raised. They need challengers in order to progress.

Rangers used to blame their lack of progress in Europe on the lack of a domestic challenge back in their halcyon days in the 1990s.

Now we’re looking for ways to make the domestic title race more exciting to encourage competition and entice fans back, because this ‘domination’ of the league is bad for football, apparently.

Yet no-one seems to bat an eyelid when it comes to Glasgow City’s domination of Scottish Women’s football.

Leanne Ross (by now surely Stenhousemuir’s most successful footballing export) lifted the SWPL League Cup last week as City – again – lifted silverware.

Their roll of honour makes impressive reading with eight straight league victories plus top two finishes in all but on season since their SWPL inception in 2000.

“Same old City, always winning” was a tweet doing the rounds last week, and bringing acclaim. The same tweet in the man’s game would bring panic and reconstruction demands.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. Women’s football continues to grow and flourish rapidly, and City are continuing to progress in Europe despite their dominance and lack of serious competition to their Scottish football throne.

The current set-up for mens’ football is far from perfect and everyone seems to have their own ideas on how to rejuvenate it. I’ve used these pages to describe my own suggestion of two divisions of 12, top league plays each other three times a year and the other nine games are ‘inter-league’ clashes with teams on the other table.

Celtic would still win that league too, just as Glasgow City will win theirs shortly. Only one will be heralded a success, and one would prompt more head-scratching.