Time to nominate your sports and arts prize winners

Wilkinson Sword winner Paul Lapsley from Kobe Osaka
Wilkinson Sword winner Paul Lapsley from Kobe Osaka

Nominationsare being taken for the Scroll Awards.

Formally known as the Sport and the Arts Annual Awards the big prize - the Wilkinson Sword - last year went to karate world champion Paul Lapsley.

Sports stars from blind bowling to basketball and wrestling were honoured at the 2011 ceremony earlier this year where Falkirk Herald sports editor David Oliver handed out the prizes.

Awards are made annually to individuals, groups, clubs or teams resident in the area who have achieved Scottish, British or higher recognition, normally through competition in sports and the arts - with many of the district’s writing and art groups represented.

Nominations will be assessed by a panel of representatives from Falkirk Council, Falkirk District Sports Council and Falkirk & District Arts & Civic Council.

Sports Council Awards are made annually to winners in various categories as judged by a panel.

Nomination forms are now available for download at here