Tim had arm-pump, now he’s doing a fist pump

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Like many a proud parent, Tony Hastings was all smiles on Sunday after the weekend achievements of his son Tim.

The motorcyclist secured a second place finish in the Motorpoint British Supersport Championship at the final meet at Brands Hatch.

But it wasn’t purely the achievement which stood out and caused such an overwhelming feeling of emotion.

Again, like many a parent, Tony knew the background to what Tim had gone through to achieve his runners-up spot and not only from his paternal standpoint – Tony is also in the E-lites Kawasaki team.

“This season has been quite remarkable for a number of reasons but we will look back on it in years to come and my lasting memory will be one of sheer determination by all the team,” said Tony.

“Seeing Tim regain his confidence and delivering the promise we knew was there all along was very rewarding.

“Second overall in the inaugural EVO category exceeded all our expectations and is an achievement we are all extremely proud of.”

Tim, from Bonnybridge, has been racing since he was a small child known as Timmy and nicknamed ‘Twister’, but a move up in size last year caused problems.

Steering his 160kg bike at almost 150mph saw him develop a condition known as ‘arm pump’ which required an operation in May at Forth Valley Royal.

Tony explained to The Falkirk Herald: “The consultant needed about five minutes to diagnose it and insisted he needed an operation.

“Basically the muscles swelled too much and cut off circulation to his hand.

“It was worse once he moved up to the heavier bike – not because of his racing, he was good enough and has shown it this season in finishing second, but just the sheer weight and strength involved.

“We tried physio, we tried moving him on the bike, different techniques. Nothing worked and he was in agony from the third minute of racing with little circulation in his hand and immense pain. It was amazing he managed to race and ride at all.

“The operation gave his muscles more room and immediately it was better.

“Obviously after that sort of pain there had to be an element of confidence to return in his racing but it did and then some.

“Knockhill was a bogey circuit for us – Tim always crashed there. After the operation he was back on the bike within weeks and then won at Knockhill.”

All that led up to the weekend’s racing where Hastings and Team E-Lites Kawasaki were vying with two others for the runners-up spot. Fourth place overall was enough to clinch it, against all the odds thrown at him.

Tim said: “Sunday’s race was fantastic – I pushed as hard as I dared and I had to work so hard for lap times. I really wanted to finish the season with a podium but settled for fourth. I’m chuffed to bits with my season and finishing second overall but I couldn’t have done it without my team who worked their socks off, or without the backing of my sponsors, each and every one – thanks guys.”