The Endzone: Seahawks defence will burst Patriot’s super bubble

James Trimble is backing Seattle
James Trimble is backing Seattle

I hope the Seattle Seahawks defence wipes that cocky grin off Tom Brady’s movie star fizzog when Super Bowl 49 kicks off on Sunday.

The inevitable match up has come to pass - and run and tackle and catch and kick - as the New England Patriots take on the Seahawks, both teams winning the right to listen in the locker room for almost a bloody hour to Katy Perry as she whines her way through a medley of her hit songs at halftime.

James Trimble.

James Trimble.

Like so-bad-he’s-good film maker Ed Wood Jnr’s pal The Amazing Criswell, most of my predictions never come true, so you’d think I’d be having t-shirts printed up because a month ago I correctly picked out - in this very newspaper column - the two teams who would butt heads in Super Bowl 49.

I couldn’t have been more disappointed.

Every neutral, like myself, wanted the highly offensive, point-fest Madden video game matchup of the Green Bay Packers against the Indianapolis Colts, but sadly it was not to be and now we’re stuck with something that could turn out to be a low scoring hard hitter which either goes all the way to the last minute or is an embarrassing blowout.

Talking about embarrassing blowouts, what’s all this hot air about the Patriots deflating footballs in the AFC championship game?

I don’t know if they did or didn’t do it or what advantage ( better grip??!!) it was supposed to give them, but I do know that head coach Bill Bellichick, who is starting to resemble cartoon baddie and Penelope Pitstop’s nemesis The Hooded Claw, has a history of stretching NFL rules to breaking point to ensure victory.

Like U2’s Bono when he has an idea for a new song, Bellichick, Brady and the boys are always looking for that edge.

I personally hope it’s a tight, tough game which sees the mighty Patriots get their comeuppance against the Seahawks who, although defending Super Bowl champs, actually go into this match as underdogs.

If it’s a yawn fest I’ll try and at least stay up for Katy’s gig at halftime - Lenny Kravitz is playing too and the last time I saw him he was getting kicked to death in ‘The Hunger Games’.