The End Zone: Quarterbacks Tom and Peyton know their place in history

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The big NFL headlines in October were mostly about onfield action for a change as two of the league’s greatest ever quarterbacks cemented their Hall of Fame credentials.

It was New England Patriots’ toothy poster boy Tom Brady who stepped up to etch his name in the history books first, proving, despite his Littlewoods catalogue model looks, he is as tough as a big steel box o’ nine inch nails.

James Trimble.

James Trimble.

The three-time Super Bowl winning QB was portrayed in the sporting press as a washed up has been at the age of 37 after some disappointing showings from the Pats.

Old Tom took his frustrations out on the previously undefeated Cincinnati Bengals and shredded their defence on the way to becoming only the sixth NFL passer to join the prestigious 50,000 yard club, behind Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Drew Brees and John Elway.

Talking about Peyton, the Denver Broncos’ geriatric ball chucker earned a place in the record books when he tossed the 509th touchdown pass of his long career - he started playing when Dan Marino was still in the league for God’s sake - to break retired Packers, Jets, Vikings QB and extra from ‘Deliverance’ Brett Farve’s old mark against the San Francisco 49ers on October 19.

The Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals are doing suprisingly well, but spare a thought for the Oakland Raiders - the only team in the league yet to chalk up a win.

Rockford star James Garner sadly died earlier this year and must surely be trying to have a word in the Big G’s ear as he looks down from heaven and sees his beloved Raiders suffer an embarrassing seven straight losses.

Former team owner Al Davis’s well publicised saying, “just win baby”, now seems like a desperate plea instead of a cool catchphrase.

NFL fans got their money’s worth at Wembley as the Detroit Lions, doing little else but bitch about the stadium’s hallowed turf, fell behind 21-0 at the half to the Atlanta Falcons.

Perhaps realising the Falcons were playing on the same surface, the Lions suddenly remembered how to play and erased the deficit to score 22 unanswered points and win 22-21 on a second chance field goal with no time left on the clock.