Stevie: I’ve fought for my right to six rounds

Stevie Beattie drew his fourth pro bout with Lee Redpath at the weekend
Stevie Beattie drew his fourth pro bout with Lee Redpath at the weekend

Stevie Beattie reckons he has proven he deserves longer matches – and his fight fans would agree.

The Slamannan boxer, nicknamed ‘The Buzzsaw’, stepped up to a six-round fight for the first time in his pro career and cruised through the 18 minutes of action, barely pausing for breath in his usual frenetic style.

He was cheered on by another huge crowd of supporters from Falkirk in his 87-87 draw with Lee Redpath. Both fighters were undefeated and remain so after the exhausting bout at Bellahouston in Glasgow.

“I took to the six rounder no bother. It was my tactics that let me down,” he told The Falkirk Herald afterwards. “I am disappointed now in the immediate aftermath of the fight but with a few days reflection I’ll be a bit more chuffed.

“The fans didn’t seem disappointed because yet again I put on a show. It won’t deter me, and I’ll have a wee break then get back in the gym.

“I hope to be back in the ring in a few months time for another fight and I wouldn’t like to think I’ll be going down to four rounders again. I think I’ve proved I deserve the six rounds.”

Beattie’s pace was relentless throughout the fight and he says he’d welcome another six rounds with Redpath who has more fights under his belt than the 22-year-old lightweight.

“I’ll definitely take the rematch – I’m in here for challenges and I’ll take him again for sure. I’m not into six or seven pushovers and then rise to Scottish title level and realise I’m out my depth. This was a six-rounder against good opposition, I now know I need to go back to the drawing board with some stuff, and that’s what it was about – a learning process.

“To be honest I think I under performed, and went down to his level. Fair play he boxed well and deserved a draw but I can’t argue with that.

“It was a good fight for the fans but I’d have preferred to have done a bit better – I dropped to his level rather than have him rise to mine.

“He was ducking his head low and I was rising and I got carried away and started to try to land the big shots which put me off my gameplan. Fair enough, he got me down to his level and well done to him – it’ll be a good rematch, you can be sure about that.

“Sometimes (being the most aggressive) isn’t a good thing and I was playing into his hands a bit. He was ducking low and my shots were going over the top.

“I would have pulled him for his head being low, but it always appeared to be me caught up for going over the shoulder with my shots being high – but that’s because his head was down. I didn’t see it that way.

“He was going low and round my waist and I was being pulled up for holding but I didn’t see it that way. It worked well for him.

“When he started to tire I got on top of him, but you can’t argue with it.”