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SWANSWATER. The bright warm sunshine and cool temperature overnight sent fish deeper this week and most of the time lures were required. At certain times buzzers and bloodworm were also doing well. At the weekend, the small ponds were fishing well with cygnets having a very successful class on Sunday, many using small wet flies. Some results: Craig Kilgour (Stenhousemuir) five for 15lb 14oz including blues at 4lb 8oz and 3lb 8oz; Frank Barr (Falkirk) five for 13lb 12oz, including two browns; John Gillies (Bonnybridge) two for 8lb 12oz including 5lb 4oz brown.

BONNYBRIDGE ANGLING CLUB. Results: Loch Fitty April 30 – 1. J. Logan eight trout for 13lb 7oz; 2. J. Short five trout for 7lb 9oz; 3. J. Lees three trout for 3lb 3oz; 4. G. Wighton one trout for 1lb 10oz; 5. A. Donaghy one trout for 1lb 8oz.

ALLANDALE BOWLING CLUB. Results: Friday Hat Night – W. Hays, K. Johnston, D. Thomson, J. Welsh (skip).

CASTINGS BOWLING CLUB. Results: Bunnet night – S. Wardlaw, R. Heggie, H. Reid, 10 shots up. Mixed night winners – H. Gow, R. Easton, 10 shots up.

CAMELON B.C. The James O'Donnell mixed pairs was won on Sunday, May 8, by June Eckford and Giles McCafferty who defeated Elizabeth Shand and Andy Meikle by one shot. The club was visited by a Welsh touring team from Whitchurch. The bunnet game on Wednesday was won by Elizabeth Shand and Jim Rowan and on the previous Wednesday by Lorna Wotherspoon and Jim Stuart. Rab Kline and Mitch Duncan defeated Barry Godfrey and Bash Phillips in the final of the Isle of Skye open pairs.

CMW. Winners of Allan & Lily Barr Trophy were Robert Hunter, Jean Sneddon and Sue Greig; r/u Tom White, Ken McNeil and Margaret Hutton.

STIRLING COUNTY BOWLING ASSOCIATION. Results of Hamilton Trophy – Stirling County East 115, Fife 128. SC under 25s 110, ED & Leith under 25s 119. This Saturday SC east away game v ED & Leith, bus leaves 12 noon at Town Hall. On Sunday the under 25s are at Greenock v Renfrewshire under 25s, bus leaves Stirling at 11 a.m and Falkirk Town Hall at 11.30 a.m.

ADRIAN BOWLING CLUB. On Saturday Adrian BC played host to Jedburgh BC for their fourth annual friendly game. Adrian won 113 shot to 61. Following the match VP McCloy presented VP Straker with an inscribed salver and in return was presented with an inscribed glass tankard. The Jedburgh rink with the highest winning margin, one shot, received prizes donated by Adrian. The winning Adrian rink was 27 shots up with skip Gus Mackay, 3rd Tom Lynch, Lead Eva Wardrope and 2nd Les Forrester each receiving a prize from the Jedburgh club.

DUNMORE BOWLING CLUB. Bunnet night winners – J. McGeachie, F. Marshall, N. Johnson, A. Duffie, A. Allan. Results of Gents match against Central Scotland Police (Dunmore skips first) – I. Shepherd 21, J. Hannah 4, R. Booden 14; J. Donaldson 12, A. Allan 12; H. Hannah 12, T. Docherty 15; B. Walker 6. Totals Dunmore 62, Police 34. Last Saturday was the annual Slamannan mixed pairs with loosing semi finalists: J. McGonigal/C. Scott & A. Allan/A. Bowie. The final was won by I. Shepherd, L. Reynolds. Juniors travelled to Slamannan on Sunday for their first tournament this season with a format of two juniors and an adult. L. Taylor, L. Reynolds, I. Reynolds from Dunmore reached the semi final but were beaten on an extra end.

FALKIRK & DISTRICT VETERANS BOWLING ASSOCIATION. Results for Tuesday, May 10 – Adrian 11, Zeneca 13; Allandale 14, BA 10; Bainsford 12, CMW 20; BA 11, Castings 13; Bonnybridge 20, Grangemouth 16; Burnhead 13, Carron 13; CMW 13, Falkirk 15; Camelon 10, Laurieston 13; Carron 15, Grahamston 14; Castings 12, Stenhousemuir 12; Denny 20, Camelon 9; Falkirk 21, Denny 15; Grahamston 8, Allandale 12; Grangemouth 18, Railway 12; Railway 7, Polmont 19; Larbert 14, Burnhead 14; Laurieston 13, Bonnybridge 21; Polmont 12, Bainsford 11; Stenhousemuir 14, Adrian 18; Zeneca 14, Larbert 13. After two weeks the top three places in the league are Polmont 7pts and 17 shots, Falkirk 7 pts and 11 shots, CMW 6pts and 26 shots.

GRAHAMSTON BOWLING CLUB. Ladies Triples were played on Sunday and the final went to an extra end. Agnes Baillie (Grahamston), Peggy Cockburn and Chris Archibald (skip Larbert) were winners by one shot beating Anne Moore, Jane Beattie (Grahamston), Kelly Wilson (skip Laurieston). Beaten semi-finals were Joanne McDonald (Grahamston), Jessie Derks, Lesley-Anne Lewis (skip Carron) and Sandra Duncan, Anne Muir (Grahamston), Rita Smith (skip Cowie). The mixed pairs will play on Sunday, June 26. Shona Bloy continues in Scottish Under 25s singles set play game after beating S. Green. Chari and Margaret McIntosh go forward in Scottish Two Bowl Pairs after their win over Bainsford.

GRANGEMOUTH RAILWAY BOWLING CLUB. Results against Castings (Grangemouth skips first) – W. Stevenson 26, J. Penman 13; D. Batchelor 24, G. Ormond 14; W. Smith 12, J. Anderson 29; T. Simpson 22, H. Reid 9.

ZENECA BOWLING CLUB. Friday's Hat Night winners were Peter Kileen, Barrie Todd and Johnny Batchelor, 10 shots up. The club's annual friendly at home to Camelon BC resulted in a 59-44 win for Zeneca.

STIRLING COUNTY BOWLING ASSOCIATION. Winners of Spowart Triples were Grahamston BC. Results: Prelims, singles – Bonnybridge 21, Bainsford 11; Castings 21, Slamannan 13; Allandale 8, Zetland 21; Grahamston 14, Grangemouth 21. Four Bowl Pairs – CMW 24, Dunmore 15; Laurieston 8, Bonnybridge 21; Grahamston 16, Slamannan 28; Larbert 17, Castings 25. Two Bowl Pairs – Denny 33, Polmont 6; Bainsford 18, Grangemouth 17; Bonnybridge 15, Castings 22. Triples – Denny 21, Carron & C 5; Camelon 10, Stenhousemuir 17; Bainsford 17, Grangemouth 14; CMW 8, Zetland 18. Fours – Camelon 14, Stenhousemuir 15.

GRANGEMOUTH BOWLING CLUB. Hat Night winners were John MacDonald and Jim Stirling. The fixture against Camelon resulted in a win for Camelon. The Open Pairs competition held on Sunday was won by Paul McCracken and Gordon Moore, who defeated John Lenaghan and Jim Wheeler in a closely contested final.

SLAMANNAN BOWLING CLUB. The annual fixture against Laurieston BC was very exciting and competitive, ending in a draw. The first young bowlers under 16s match of the season was held on Sunday. Twelve teams of triples took part and the standard of bowling was amazing. Winners were S. Hogg, J. Murray and K. Gardner with runners up S. Yuile, G. Imrie and D. Cooper.

Tryst Bridge Club. Results: North/South – 1. Edith Cockburn and Cathy Lafferty 61.94; 2nd equal. Maude Binnie and Dave Skinner, and Ellen Oliver and Marion Wolfe, 56.67. East/West – 1. Ishabel Campbell and Betty Howie, 60.86; 2. John Kilpatrick and Walter Falconer 57.58. 3rd equal. Allan Dick and Jimmy Stewart, and Alex Dalrymple and Alistair Hislop 55.81.

FALKIRK BRIDGE CLUB. Results of Summer Teams of Four (May 19) – 1. C and V Outred/M. Menzies and T. Penman; 2. B. Clark and H. Mahoney/J. Kelly and A. Philip; 3. L. Cembler and A. Hamilton/G. Ferguson and M. Jeffrey; 4. R. Woodburn and B. Power/R. Bennett and A. Martin. Results of Teams of Four (May 9) – 1. R. Bennet, D. Liggat, A. Martin, J. Power +82; 2. C and V. Outred, M. Menzies, T. Penman +58; 3. B. Power, R. Woodburn, E. Caldwell, M. Blodwell +40; 4. P. and A. Leith, J. Docherty, R. Woodcock +33.

DENNY AND DUNIPACE BRIDGE CLUB. Results for Summer (Open) Bridge (May 16) – 1. J. Watson and D. Holmes; 2. A. Shanks and H. Henderson; 3 equal. A. Scott and C. Hunter, and M. McCuish and L. Ross.

FORTH VALLEY FDA. Results: 13s – League: Falkirk School of Football 4, KLM Boys Club 2; Young Falkirk 11, East Stirlingshire Colts 2; Claremont 2, Riverside Reds 2; Braes Colts 4, Grahamston 5.

14s – Sunnyside Thistle 2, Milton BC 15; Bowhouse 7, Crieff Juniors 4; Riverside 10, Uphall Diamonds 0.

15s – League: Bo'ness Star 7, Sunnyside Thistle B 1; Claremont FC 4, Bowhouse FC 2. RJM Sports Trophy Final: Rosehall Thistle 0, Langtoon Juniors 1.

Fixtures: 13s – Claremont v Young Falkirk; KLM Boys Club v East Stirlingshire Colts; Riverside Blue v Grahamston; Bonnybridge YFC v Riverside Reds; Falkirk School of Football v Tillicoultry Colts; Braes Colts v Dunblane. All matches 10 a.m. kick off.

14s – Bowhouse v Dunblane; Braehead Wallace v Uphall Diamonds; Milton BC v Claremont; Sunnyside Thistle v Crieff Juniors.

15s – Bowhouse FC v Sauchie Junior Tigers; Langtoon Juniors v Sunnyside Thistle B; Sunnyside Thistle A v East Stirlingshire Colts; Rosehall Thistle v Bo'ness Star.

CENTRAL FA. Fixtures: Thursday, May 19 – U16s League Cup Final, Gairdoch Utd v Condorrat Colts. Sunday, May 22 – John Wynn Cup Final, Syngenta Juveniles v Falkirk Colts; Sportsreal Cup Final Glenboig Utd v Syngenta Juveniles; U14s

Provost Millennium Cup Syngenta Juveniles v BP Boys Club. Thursday, May 26 – U17s Earlsgate Cup Final, Cumbernauld Colts v Syngenta Juveniles. Sunday, May 29 – U16s Braes Shield Final, Condorrat Colts v Glenboig Utd; Provost Millennium Trophy Final, Syngenta Juveniles v Cumbernauld Colts; U13s Victoria Clydesdale Memorial Cup Final, Syngenta Juveniles v BP Boys Club.

STIRLINGSHIRE FA. Results: League – Shotts Vics 4, California 3. Gown Cup 2nd round – Shotts Vics 3, Linlithgow Rose B 0; semi-final, Gilston Park 2, Camelon Thistle 0.

Fixtures: Thursday, May 19 – Maddiston Cup semi final, Shotts Vics v BP FC; Gown Cup second round, California FC v Harthill Royal. Monday, May 23 – Carmuirs Cup Final, Camelon Thistle v Harthill Royal at Camelon Juniors, kick off 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 24 – Bill Scott Cup Final – California FC v Shotts Vics at Dunipace Juniors, kick off 7 p.m.

STIRLING AND DISTRICT AFL. Results: League Cup Final second division – Carronshore 1, Milton 0. David McKinnon Memorial quarter final – Campsie Minerva 2, Plean 1. Cameron Craig Memorial third round – Kirkintilloch 4, Stirling BC 5 (pens). Premier Division – Grangemouth 1, Milton Battlefield 1; Maddiston 4, California 4. First Division – Cornton 6, Condorrat 3; KMW 3, Kinbuck 2. Second Division – Drumpellier 0, Bonnybridge 9; Stirling Uni 1, Fallin 2; Cumbernauld 2, Redding 2. JF Colley Trophy semi finals – Milton 1, Plean 2; Stenhouse 2, Campsie Minerva 0.

Fixtures: Thursday, May 19: Premier Division – Milton of Campsie v Falkirk. Second Division – Falkirk Utd v Carronshore. Friday, May 20: JF Colley Trophy Final – Milton or Plean v Stenhouse or Campsie Minerva; Plean v Stenhouse. Saturday, May 21: Premier Division – California v Maddiston. First Division – Campsie Minerva v Slamannan; Stirling Boys Club v Kinbuck. Second Division – Townhead v Fallin; Bonnybridge v Carronshore. Monday, May 23: First Division – Campsie Minerva v Cornton. Second Division – Fallin v Cumbernauld; Cameron Craig third round – Stenhouse v Maddiston. David McKinnon Memorial third round – Falkirk v Carronshore.

FALKIRK AND DISTRICT SUNDAY AMATEURS. Results: May 10, Premier Division – Mill Inn 1, Victoria Inn 0; Roman Bar 1, Donner Inn 9. Division One – Brockville 2, Balbardie Hotel 3; Finnforest 2, Station Hotel 3; Inchyra Thistle 7, Bowhouse 0; Pennies Bar 9, Torlea Thistle 2. May 12, Premier Division – Victoria Inn 3, Brigg Inn 3. Division One – Balbardie Hotel 2, Pennies Bar 5; Bowhouse 4, Grangemouth Rovers 2; Station Hotel 8, Auld Toll 3. May 15, Premier Division – Donner Inn 3, Langlees/Bainford 1; Roman Bar 2, Aberforth 5; Westquarter 2, McKenna's Tavern 2. Division One – Auld Toll 3, Brighton's Inn 5; Bainford Northend 2, Bowhouse 5; Balbardie Hotel 7, Grangemouth Rovers 6; Brockville 1, Finnforest 0; Linlithgow 1, Cottages 6; Torlea Thistle 2, Inchyra Thistle 3; Pennies Bar 2, Station Hotel 2.

Fixtures: May 19, Premier Division – Victoria Inn v Gruboskis. May 22 , Division One Cup Final – Station Hotel v Torlea Thistle. Premier Division Cup Final – Brigg Inn v Mill Inn. Division One – Linlithgow v Brockville. May 24, Division One – Grangemouth Rovers v Station Hotel.


Mill Inn 1

Victoria Inn 0

Premier Division

The Mill Inn wrapped up their league campaign with two victories. Stand

in keeper Gordon Forbes was a virtual spectator last Tuesday as the

Mill dominated.

A hatful of chances were missed, however, Brian McCormick

eventually broke the deadlock 10 minutes from the end when beat two men on the right before unleashing a 20 yarder into the bottom corner. MoM -

Colin Eadie. On Sunday, the Mill got the points after Grubowskis failed

to raise a team.

lThe Mill have two finals to finish the season. This Sunday they play Brigg

Inn, in the Premier Division final at Bo'ness Juniors, 2pm kick off,

followed by the Station Hotel on Friday May 27 in the JH Kilt Hire final at Dunipace Juniors, 7pm kick off.

Finnforest 2

Station Hotel 3

First Division

THIS was effectively the league decider between the top two teams in the first division.

It was the home team that were to take the initiative midway through the half as Steven Morrison picked up a ball on the edge of the box and rifled into the opposite corner.

Near the break a dubious penalty allowed the Station to equalise.

Undeterred, Finnforest again retained the lead half way through the second period when Peter Jack firstly had a left foot shot blocked, but had a second bite to score.

However, with 15 minutes to go, the away team drew level again.

This would have been a fair conclusion, but with minutes left a deep freekick was bundled in at the far post for the visitors to steal the points.

Finnforest Man of the Match was Derek Findlay.

Westhill 2

Brightons 1

John Smith's Central Scottish Amateur League Division One

BRIGHTONS' run of misery continued last Saturday when lowly Westhill, in their last ever game, recorded their first league win of the season against the poor locals who have slumped to a mid table position with four games remaining.

Yet again it looked as if the season could not end quickly enough for the Brightons squad as the now too familiar story of losing an early goal was repeated after 10 minutes. Poor defending again was to blame as Andrew Rodger stroked the ball into an empty net. After 35 minutes it was 2-0 when Richard Hunter rose to send a free header home.

The second half saw a slight improvement and Peter Mills was unlucky to see a shot cleared off the line by man of the match Iain Mitchell who later was unfortunate to see a great shot strike a post.

Jamie Wood did bring some hope when he scored after being put through by Robert McLean but when Grant Morrison was dismissed for pulling down Mitchell as he was about to shoot, there was no way back for a hapless and lifeless Brightons side.

Team: Rae (D. Martin), Williamson, Mills (K. Newton), B. Stuart, Grant, M. Stuart, Morrison, S. Martin, Wood, McLean, K. Newton.

Grangemouth Rovers 3

Finnforest 3

IT was a severely depleted Finnforest team that took to the pitch for this tie with only 11 players available for selection. It was no surprise when the home team scored early and again midway through the half. This failed to jolt the visitors but they did peg a goal back before the break when Jamie Mackay controlled a ball on the edge of the box, and with composure side footed past the goalkeeper.

The second half continued to be a struggle especially when Grangemouth retained their two goal cushion. However, the real drama was left to the last 10 minutes when firstly a Finnforrest free kick attracted everyone to the back post and Peter Jack came in from the other side to control the knockdown and stab home. Then, with the referee looking at his watch Finnforest threw everyone up for a corner and the ensuing stramash found Peter Jack with back to goal, attempt a spectacular overhead kick from four yards out to seal the draw. Finnforest man of the match was Andy Colquhoun.

Stenhouse Athletic 2

Campsie Minerva 0

STENHOUSE Athletic met Campsie Minerva in the semi-final of the J. F. Colley Cup on Monday night, defeating them 2-0 and booking their place in the final for the fifth year running. Stenhouse controlled the match from the outset and had it not been for Athletic's poor finishing, the game would have been wrapped up by half time.

Stenhouse did open the scoring on the 15 minute mark, Stuart Comrie picking the ball up 30 yards from goal and unleashing an unstoppable shot that lodged in the top left hand corner. Athletic continue to bombard the Campsie goal for the remainder of the half, but to no avail.

The second half produced much the same as the first with Stenhouse dominating play, although Campsie were managing a few counter attacks. On 70 minutes this tie was sealed. Scott Jenkins played a one-two with Ron Black allowing him to break the offside trap, bare down on goal, round the keeper and tap home giving Stenhouse a crucial 2-0 lead and victory.

lThis Friday, May 20, Stenhouse play Premier League rivals Plean in the J. F. Colley Cup Final at Ochilview Park, Stenhousemuir, kick off 7 p.m.

Gairdoch Utd 1

Grahamston FC 2

GRAHAMSTON 16s came from behind to claim the league title with a tremendous display in their last game league decider.

Having dropped only four points all season they remain undefeated and crowned league champions having now beaten both their nearest rivals.

Superb effort and a wonderful season from a team who could barely win a game two years ago – well done lads.

Team: Taylor, Curwood, Cowan, Hope, Miller, McIntyre, Torrado, Wildrige, Peebles, Peacock, Houghton, Taggart, C. Taylor, Gardiner, Nolan, Gillespie.

BONNYBRIDGE GOLF CLUB. Results: Ford Trophy (SSS CSS 70) Class A – H. Mullen (7) 64; S. Nicol (4) 65; C. McLure (4) 66. Class B – C. Harris (14) 67; R. Muirhead (13) 67; G. Douglas (15) 68. Class C – J. Lyall (22) 68; I. Thomson (19) 69; C. Porterfield (20) 70. Best scratch S. Nicol 69. Mixed Fours Charity Quaich (CSS SSS 70) – L. Grayson and G. Bruce (15.5) 70.5; N. St John and D. Miller (10) 72.5. Winner of silver May medal/Health Perception, M. Ferguson 72 (14) and winner of bronze May medal, G. McAuslan 79 (26). Best scratch score M. Ferguson 86.

POLMONT GOLF CLUB. Results Monthly Stroke, Class A – 1. C. Heeps 69; 2. J. Welsh 70; 3. A. McIntosh 72. Class B – 1. J. D. Welsh 72; 2. W. McDonald 74 (bih); 3. T. forsyth 74 (bih). Class C – 1. I. Rarity 73; G. Muir 77; G. Flaherty 78 (bih). MacVilla Trophy Class A – 1. C. McIntosh (jnr) 74; 2. A. Marshall 75 (bih); 3. T. Sharples 75. Class B – T. J. Quin 71; 2. T. Cook 74; 3. T. McMillan 75 (bih). Class C – 1. I. McPhait 71; 2. J. Kelly 77 (bih); 3. G. Flaherty 77 (bih). TCB Tankard Class A – 1. A. Marshall (jnr) 69; 2. A. Marshall 70; 3. K. McNaughton 71. Class B – 1. T. Forsyth 69; 2. W. Breen 70 (bih); 3. D. Balmer 70. Class C – 1. D. Holmes 75; 2. S. Malcolm 76; 3. M. Rock 80.

FALKIRK GOLF CLUB. Results: Ladies Medal Division One – 1. S. Archibald 77 (8) 69; 2. N. Thomas 89 (16) 73; 3. R. Callander 96 (20) 76 bih. Best scratch S. Archibald 77. Division Two – 1. M. Burns 108 (29) 79; 2. J. Miller 104 (23) 81; 3. 117 (34) 83. Best scratch J. Miller 104.

FALKIRK TRYST GOLF CLUB. Results: Ladies section, Walker Trophy – 1. silver, M. O'Neil 84 (17); 2. silver, F. McArthur 77 (6) and 1. bronze B. Cairns 99 (34); 2. bronze, A. Hunter 88 (22). Winner of the Walker Trophy is Betty Cairns. International match fund – 1. silver C. Hannah 68; 2. silver M. McFarlane 69 and 1. Bronze L. Lamont 66; 2. bronze E. Stevenson 67.

BONNYBRIDGE GOLF CLUB. Results: Winner of Charity Quaich – G. Bruce and L. Grayson 70.5 (15.5); r/u N. St John and D. Miller 72.5 (10.5). Winner of 2nd silver May medal – N. St John 76 (13); r/u M. Ferguson 78 (13). Winner of 2nd bronze May medal – G. McAuslan 76 (26); r/u M. Sneddon 78 (22). Best scratch score, N. St John 89.

GRANGEMOUTH GOLF CLUB. Results: V.W. Qualifier Section A – 1. C. Johnston 72 (5) 67; 2. D. Cunningham (1) 73 (6) 67; 3. B. Williamson 75 (8) 67. Section B – 1. J. Lawless 78 (14) 64; 2. C. Menzies 78 (14) 64; 3. R. Wilson 81 (15) 66. Section C – 1. N. Wardlaw 90 (23) 67; 2. S. Stirling 87 (20) 67; 3. I. Dorn 87 (18) 69.

GLENBERVIE GOLF CLUB. Results Ladies Golf Foundation – Silver 1. Mrs M. Gordon 92 (19) 73; 2. Mrs K. Gow 94 (20) 74; Bronze 1. Mrs A. Kirk 95 (34) 61; 2. Mrs L. MacNab 104 (33) 71.


Results of Mortimer Trophy – 1. W. Sweeney and son 1262; 2. C. and Richardson 1202; 3 and 4. D and D Laird 1192, 1160; 5. A. MacDonald 1145; 6. J and K. Niblo 1137; 7. C. and Richardson 1131; 8. C and M. Fenna 1119; 9. M. Allan 1099; 10. C. and Richardson 1096.

GRANGEMOUTH HOMING SOCIETY. Results Garstang – 1. W. Alves 1099; 2. W. Ure 1089; 3. J. Smith 1087; 4. W. Ure 1070; 5. W. Alves 1066; 6. W. Ure 1053. Results Leyland – 1. W. Ure 1251; 2. J. Smith 1244; 3. W. Alves 1224; 4 and 5. W. Ure 1218, 1197; 6. A. Hay 1188.

STENHOUSEMUIR HOMING SOCIETY. Results Leyland (May 14, 13 members sent 178 birds) – 1. J. Brandrick 1214.03; 2, 3, 4. A. McGonigal 1213.77, 1211.43, 1168.64; 5, 6. B. Stewart 1162.5, 1152.89; 7. J. Urquhart 1146.17; 8. Dr P. P. Lynch 1139.96; 9, 10 J. Brandrick 1134.7, 1119.4. Results Garstang (May 7, 16 members sent 208 birds) – 1. A. McGonigal 1111.93; 2. B. Stewart 1111.69; 3, 4. A. McGonigal 1108.7, 1071.52; 5. B. Stewart 1070.1; 6. J. Slater 1056.3; 7. B. Stewart 1038.3; 8, 9. Dr P. P. Lynch 1000.4, 995.98; 10, R. Templeman 995.96.

NORTH WEST FEDERATION OF HOMING PIGEON. Results Leyland (21 members sent 354 birds) – 1. J and H. McGlynn 1255.574; 2. M. Conlin 1249.918; 3. J. W. Strang & Son 1247.823; 4. D. McArthur 1247.502; 5. J and H. McGlynn 1240.608; 6. M. Conlin 1231.508; 7. J. Jack 1225.992; 8. J and H. McGlynn 1223.911; 9. J. W. Strang & Son 1222.959; 10. J. Jack 1204.87.

AVONBRIDGE HOMING SOCIETY. Results Leyland (13 member sent 188 birds) – 1. A. McAlley & Son 1242.97; 2., 3., and 4. 1235.16, 1228.23, 1228.05; 5. and 6. S. Gibson 1224.91, 1218.56; 7. S. Jack 1205.77; 8. R. Jack 1165.57; 9. A. McAlley & Son 1161.75; 10. D. Young & Son 1157.78.

DENNY HOMING SOCIETY. Results Leyland (14 members sent 292 birds) – 1. I. McLelland 1265.088; 2. T. Cram 1207.795; 3. I. McLelland 1199.046; 4. T. Jack 1183.530; 5. T. Wilson 1172.032; 6. T Natasha Meikle 1163.164; 7. D. Hogg 1153.875; 8. J. Ross 1151.189; 9. T. Jack 1142.302; 10. T. Cram 1132.748.

BONNYBRIDGE HOMING SOCIETY. Results Otterburn (359 birds liberated) – 1. V. Couper 1256; 2. and 3. H. Menzies 1223, 1221; 4. R. Buchanan 1216.9; 5. H. Menzies 1216.7; 6. Mr and Mrs Conlin 1192.6; 7. C. Shaw & Son 1192; 8. Wells and Scott 1178; 9. T. Winters 1174; 10. Wells and Scott 1169.

GRANGEMOUTH AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB. Grangemouth ASC were represented on Saturday, May 14, at the Livingston & District Dolphins ASC Graded meet. Results: Boys 12 year and under – Craig Knight sixth 50m backstroke, sixth 50m freestyle and sixth 50m breaststroke. Boys 13/14 years – Shaun Cowie 100m breaststroke fifth and 100m freestyle sixth. Girls 13/14 years Catriona Rogerson fifth 100m breaststroke.

FALKIRK TENNIS CLUB. Falkirk's first team played host to table toppers Livilands this week. The visitors have been in great form and had been steam rolling all opposition in recent weeks. Falkirk gave an excellent performance, but narrowly went down by 3 points to 5. Team: S. White/M. Smith 2 points; D. Rollin/C. Sinclair point; C. McRae/G. Watson. The Ladies second team were away to Linlithgow seconds and are unfinished with neither side being able to claim victory on the night. Falkirk's youth policy continued to flourish with 12 year old Alicia Robinson making her debut by partnering Elizabeth Zwann to a win. The girls' U16 lost to a strong Dunblane side with Caroline Cohen getting a singles win. The team gave their all, but went down 5 to 1. Team: Rachel Brown, Louise Pollock, Caroline Cohen, Emma Donoghue. The boys U12 team travelled to Linlithgow. Wins for Fraser Lyons and John Irons saw the team seal a 3-3 points draw. However, a games count gave Linlithgow a narrow win. The standard of tennis was very encouraging with all Falkirk players giving 100 per cent on the day. Team: Fraser Allan, Murray Allan, John Irons and Fraser Lyons. The junior summer coaching academy has spaces left for children aged five to 16 years during July and August. Contact club coach Gordon Watson on (01324) 559268 for details.