Sparring practise pays off for Sparta boxers

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Sparta boxing club were out for the weekend, with three boxers in action at two different events.

Welterweight Caine Dooley boxed Friday night at the Cardenden show against Ricky Carlin who came out fast throwing a lot of punches.

Dooley kept his shape and composure blocking and slipping the fast start by Carlin. By the end of the first round Dooley started to land the cleaner, more effective punches which slowed the pace down of his opponent.

Into the second and Dooley took the centre of the ring and controlled the pace with his jab. Once he found his distance and timing the backhand started to land.

Dooley landed a lovely straight left to the body which hurt his opponent and then landed a stiff jab and one-two combination which gave his opponent a standing count.

Dooley didn’t waste anytime and went straight back in landing heavy combo’s and straight lefts. Referee Steven Morrison did not see Carlin fit to continue and stopped the contest. TKO victory for Caine Dooley in round two.

Saturday night saw Kaiden McGuire fight at flyweight and schoolboy Ruairi Davidson boxed on the Kilsyth Golden Gloves show.

Davidson met Alexander White of the Kilsyth gym and round one took off at a fast pace. Davidson was blocking well and returning with some great counters.

Moving into round two and Ruairi started to come forward landing effectively with the jab and one-two. Davidson had settled nicely into the fight by round three and displayed some excellent movement and counters.

In the last 30 seconds Davidson pushed back White landing with the right hand over the top. Both boys ended with a flurry of punches and put on a great display of boxing. Ruairi Davidson won on split decision.

McGuire boxed Mark Shillinelaw – a southpaw from Golden Gloves – so had been working on his straight right hand in the gym.

He got off to a slow start losing the first round but seemed to warm into the fight nicely in the second, finding his distance and landing with the straight right.

A few shots looked to hurt his opponent in the second and he carried on with a relentless attack of hooks to the head.

The final round and McGuire was straight in the driving seat taking centre ring immediately. He cut is opponent off and landed an overhand right that seemed to shake his opponent again.

Both boys tired in the final stages of the round but McGuire finished strong with a flurry of punches that secured him the unanimous decision victory.

Next week Sparta are back in the ring. Caine Dooley will be looking to make it two in a row next week and Billy Stewart will be making his debut at schoolboy level.