Shire won’t pay over the odds for new players

Berwick Rangers v Elgin'David Greenhill walks to the tunnel after red card in match verses Elgin City
Berwick Rangers v Elgin'David Greenhill walks to the tunnel after red card in match verses Elgin City
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John Coughlin insists he will not be held to ransom by player wage demands as he seeks to further re-build East Stirlingshire’s fortunes.

The Shire boss has revealed he has been rebuffed by a number of potential targets this week whose sense of worth goes way beyond what he is prepared to offer.

It follows a frenetic spell of signing activity for the club which saw nine players put pen to paper within a fortnight of the season closing. But Coughlin says, since then, persuading more new players to join Shire next season has been just a bit more difficult.

“Things went really smoothly when it came to re-signing the players we wanted to stay from last season,” he said. “Even the new guys like David Greenhill were no trouble to negotiate with. But when I went after one or two other targets over the last few days things ground to a halt.

“I spoke to three different players, all experienced and the kind of guys we could benefit from having, but each had been made offers from junior clubs that we could not match.

“Some of the money being talked about was simply eye-watering from the perspective of a club like ours,” he said. “And when you listen to players tell you these kinds of thing there is nothing you can do other than wish them good luck.”

Coughlin is set to hold signing talks with at least one more player before the week is out and is very hopeful that situation will lead to another key signing for next season.

“We have been talking to one player in particular and he does seem willing to sign once he can tidy up a few loose ends,” said Coughlin. “It would be a decent signing and I am confident it will work out in our favour.”

He clearly feels the players he has brought in so far will improve the overall quality of the side and improve their chances of being able to rise up the league table.

“What we want to do is improve things as much as we can. The club does not have the budgets available that we know a number of teams will have at their disposal.”