Ryan Campbell, of Falkirk, aiming to break onto European Tour

Ryan Campbell is aiming to break onto the European Tour
Ryan Campbell is aiming to break onto the European Tour

Falkirk’s Ryan Campbell is all set for his final push to break onto the European Tour, as the former Scottish amateur international and current EuroPro Tour standout plots his path to gatecrash the European Tour in the near future.

Campbell, a product of Elmwood College and now working under the guidance of Stewart Craig, has spent three years on the Sky Sports promoted EuroPro Tour as he looks to develop his skills and push on to the big time on the European Tour.

Campbell, from Falkirk, has been playing the EuroPro tour

Campbell, from Falkirk, has been playing the EuroPro tour

The Stirlingshire based professional opened up about his time on the EuroPro Tour and the pressures of having to perform in front of Sky Sports cameras.

Campbell said: “I’ve loved playing on the EuroPro for the last three seasons and feel like it’s really helped my game progress. Playing in front of the cameras for Sky Sports gives you invaluable experience for when I do get to where I want to be which is on the European Tour.

“I’ve also played on other tours like the 1836 tour in North England and Big Johnson’s Tour in Scotland. These are basically cash sweeps where you get pros from all different levels from club pro to major winners.

“These are high pressure tournaments for development as you always need to shoot a seriously low score to win. I’ve managed to win some of these events in the last three years. This along with my extensive amateur career representing Scotland has groomed me perfectly for a long successful career in professional golf.”

Campbell has competed internationally as an amateur and was recognised as one of the top amateurs in Britain. Now professional, the one-time British College’s Champion spoke about his ambitions going forward and what is required for him to achieve his ambitions.

The former Scottish international said: “I quit my job to go full-time at golf three years ago and it was a big risk walking away from a secured income to risk it all. It’s starting to pay off for me now but there is a long way to go and hours upon hours of practice are involved for me to continue to improve and reach the very top.”

If you are interested in being a part of Ryan’s career, contact him at ryancampbellgolf@gmail.com.