Grangemouth Stags boss Lawson departs

Grangemouth Stags head coach Chris Lawson has left the club.

Now ex-head coach Chris Lawson watches on (Picture by Scott Louden)
Now ex-head coach Chris Lawson watches on (Picture by Scott Louden)

The Tennent’s Caledonia Region League Division 1 side sit in sixth spot on 22 points after ten matches in the nine team league, and the side lost on Sunday 15-7 to league leaders Dumfermline, but the club’s vice president David Jamieson says the decision wasn’t results based.

Speaking to the Herald he said: “Chris stood down due to personal reasons.

“We will actively look at what people are out there and if a suitable candidate comes up for a new coach, we would certainly look at them.

“But we are content with running with an interim coaching team until the end of the season if we need too.”

On the league season so far he said: “We’ve not really found any consistency in terms of being able to play and train properly for the past year or so.

“Other teams in the league have rightly been cautious with the way things have been and the way our league works means travelling can be hard to organise.

“This season has been so competitive from all sides and what we have seen is that home teams are more likely to win due to the travelling.”

The vice-president also admitted he never thought this season would run smoothly for all clubs involved, and didn’t understand the SRU’s call for a competitive league.

“My preference would have been a localised league of some sort,” he said.

“This was always going to happen with Covid and the travelling is unfair.

“A festival style season would have kept things tiding over and it would have kept players in shape.”