Record breaker Randalls reaps rewards from a rugby rest

Kyle Randalls is leading the under-25 Glenfiddich championships
Kyle Randalls is leading the under-25 Glenfiddich championships

If two out of three ain’t bad, then 11 out of 13 is pretty good, and that’s how many records Kyle Randall has broken in this season’s Highland Games appearances.

The latest came at Drumtochter, when he threw the 16lb hammer 141 feet to take the win.

That event is added to the likes of Gordon Castle, Cornhill, Markinch, Bearsden, Old Meldrum, Aberdeen and Lorne who have all had record s broken by the 23-year-old from Grangemouth.

“I’m not doing much differently to be honest,” Randalls told The Falkirk Herald, “my training has been more consistent I’ve noticed.

“Stopping rugby a bit earlier has possibly helped too. I play for Grangemouth Stags but my work commitments changed meaning I had to work on a Saturday rather than play since March. That has been a change and maybe had an effect.”

Whatever it is, it’s working.

Randall could soon perform in front of Her Majesty The Queen.

He is leading the under-25 Glenfiddich championship by some 16 points. The competition culminates at Braemar Highland Games, “but only the overall winner gets a royal reception,.”

It is still a commendable achievement for the Grangemouth Sports Centre worker.

“I work in the gym at the Stadium which is quite handy.

“I also take some classes for younger kids in long jump and throwing.

“I throw with Ciaran Wright who is a member of Falkirk Victoria Harriers and he’s finding some success with his throwing, but I’ve been trying to steer him away from Highland Games and more into the athletic circuit.

“The hammers are very different and the techniques actually work against one another.

“Ciaran could go far with his throwing.”

Randalls’ doing ok himself, though he is going far too.

The Highland Game circuit has him all across the country – but very little is on his doorstep.

“I think I’m pretty much the only competitor from central Scotland. There’s a few in Edinburgh, a few in Glasgow, but no-one really around here.

“What’s really frustrating is there is nothing in Falkirk or Grangemouth – I’ve spoken to the Trust to maybe look at a future event because it would be great.

“Another frustration is Airth Highland Games. It’s my local event but clashes with Dufftown Games which is a Glenfiddich points event so I can’t miss it.

“Instead of ten minutes up the road, I’m three hours plus on the road.

“The area deserves an event and hopefully in the future that might happen, and save me some travelling at the same time too!”