Pressley’s new perspective

Steven Pressley is taking a new seat for the next fortnight
Steven Pressley is taking a new seat for the next fortnight

STEVEN Pressley’s touchline suspension has given him a new perspective of how his team plays.

The boss has been forced into the stands against Brechin City and Albion Rovers and will be there again for Saturday’s opening league match with Raith Rovers.

But he’s taking the negative of being removed from his players for the duration of the match, and turning it into a positive.

“I’ve actually enjoyed taking in the games from the stand,” he told Heraldsport. “It has given me a different perfective and view of the game.

“Obviously it is a little bit more difficult being further away from the players and the dugout, but they understand what we’ve been trying to do and Lee Bullen has my complete trust in the dugout.”

Pressley also took in a number of pre-season games from the stands at Grangemouth, Inverurie and Peterhead - and it’s something he may do at Falkirk.

“The Falkirk Stadium gives direct access from the seats to the technical area, so that is beneficial and something I may utilise in the future.

“Other stadiums like Ibrox, take you away from the pitch but at Falkirk I can take in the game from a more elevated position then move trackside without losing focus of the game.”