Post-season sketched out for Grangemouth

Now that the last regular season games of the BAFA Flag Football League have been played the details of the Grangemouth Broncos post season games are confirmed.

The top seeds from the northern conferences, the Sheffield Predators, will host the Northern Regional playoffs on August 14 and get a bye in the first two rounds of games. The Broncos just missed out on the second seed to the Glasgow Hornets who get a first round bye.

The Broncos will play their first game against the lowest seeds from the MEC conference, the Wigan Warhawks. With an expanded number of teams included in the Regional Playoffs, that means that teams such as the Warhawks with more losses than wins during the regular season have managed to squeeze into the post-season. The Broncos would hope to win that game comfortably.

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The other Scottish teams in the playoffs are the Aberdeen Oilcats (#5 seeds) will play the Sheffield Vipers (#8), Edinburgh Outlaws (#9) who will play the Mansfield Honey Badgers (#7), West Lothian Chargers (#10) playing the Manchester Crows (#6) and the Dunbeth Dragons (#12) who will meet the Newcastle Blackhawks (#4).

Assuming the Broncos do win the first game, and assuming there are no upset wins for lower seeded teams, the Broncos would meet the Manchester Crows – an unknown quantity for the Broncos.

If the Broncos manage to win through to this point, they are effectively back in the British Quarter-Finals for the third year in a row. At this point, again assuming no upsets, the Broncos are likely to meet the Glasgow Hornets playing for a place at the National Finals. The Hornets

are the only team to be the Broncos since last year’s playoffs, so the Broncos would be looking for revenge.

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There are obviously a lot of ifs and buts on the way, but the Broncos target for the year was to take that additional step. After all of the hard work throughout the season, winning all but one of their games it would be very disappointing if they fell short of at least this game.

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