Sparta boxers host auld enemy grudge match

Ryan Murray winning by unanimous decision at Sparta boxing academy Scotland v England night (picture: Ruaridh Braes EINDP.CO.UK)
Ryan Murray winning by unanimous decision at Sparta boxing academy Scotland v England night (picture: Ruaridh Braes EINDP.CO.UK)

Sparta Academy’s top boxers were in action against elite opponents from England in a Scotland v England show at the Plough in Stenhousemuir last month.

In the main event, which was dubbed fight of the night by officials, Kaiden McGuire lost 2-1 on a split decision to British silver medallist Stephen Donald, but exacted his revenge in a victory at the Leith Victoria Show in a rematch last Sunday (more on this in next week’s Falkirk Herald).

Elsewhere, on the night, Ryan Murray and Mason Imrie secured unanimous points victories over their opponents, while Shane Scott and Ruairi Davidson gave it their best shot but fell narrowly short, both losing on a points decision.

Coach Sam McLeod, from Sparta Boxing Academy, said: “Everyone was very evenly matched and all the styles gelled perfectly. No-one was stopped and all the bouts were won on very close points decisions.

“All in all, our Scotland select won three fights and England also won three. The remaining bouts were Scotland vs Scotland.”

Ryan boxed John McDonagh (Ardwick Lads) from Manchester. Ryan boxed behind the jab and was effective from range. McDonagh pressed forward but Ryan was clever with his counter attacks and quick with his feet to win by unanimous decision.

Mason boxed Jack Hobbins (Solway Spartans). The Solway boxer had a slight weight advantage and boxed out of the southpaw stance. Mason boxed to instruction and countered with the straight right hand. Mason was clever and timed the right hands to perfection to clinch victory by unanimous decision.

Scott boxed highly rated Josh Kelly (Ardwick Lads). Kelly stood around 5ft 8 and was a switch hitter, meaning he could box out of the orthodox and southpaw stance. Shane followed instruction and closed the gap effectively beginning his attacks to the body and finishing to the head. Kelly realised quite quickly that Scott was a handful. This was a high level boxing match that was awarded in favour of Josh Kelly.

Ruairi boxed Isaac Carrigan (Border City) from Carlisle. Isaac brought a record of 40 fights with seven defeats. This was a highly skilled match up but was not to be Ruairi’s night losing on a points decision.

Scottish Novice Champion Katie Fox boxed in an exhibition contest with Kyra Mathews (Border City) due to an age difference.