Runner Fiona Matheson sets another world record

Veteran runner Fiona Matheson has notched up another world record just two weeks after setting one in the 3,000m at the 4J Scottish Masters Championships.

By Ben Kearney
Wednesday, 16th February 2022, 8:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th February 2022, 10:07 pm
Matheson in action earlier this year (Picture by Bobby Gavin)

Her time of 10:56.89 beat her previous world record time by four seconds in the women’s 60-plus category.

This time around the mum of five aced the 1,500m on the track and came up with a time of 5:09.58 to once again break new ground.

The Falkirk Victoria Harriers athlete recently also landed a world best in her age group over 5km on roads to add to a European 10,000m track record set last year as she continues to excel.

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Speaking to the Herald, the 60-year-old explained she had extra motivation going into the event over the weekend due to finding out her 3,000m record had been retaken by the previous holder, Spanish runner Esther Pedrosa.

She said: “I had found out she has beaten my record and it was close call, so it was short-lived in the end, but I was happy to have achieved it.

“For me the competition is great and I am glad for Esther that she has some motivation to go out and reclaim her own record that she has set before.

“Going into the event, I was probably a little more motivated than usual and although it was the 1,500m, which I wouldn’t say is my area of strength, I wanted to give it my best shot.”

The women’s 60 world record for the 1,500m was last set in 2014, and Matheson broke it over the weekend.

“The extra adrenalin certainly helped,” she said.

“I just believed it was possible to beat it and that really goes a long way.”

She also took the time to thank the officials overseeing events, saying that without them none of her running would be able to take place.

Matheson said: “The work they all do is brilliant and it should be spoken about it.

“It is always seamless taking part and over the past while it has been so hard due to Covid.

“They have all worked tirelessly to keep events running in whatever way they can.”

She added: “It’s as much a social event for me as it a sporting one.

“I love to compete but the actual camaraderie is a huge part of it for me now at my age.

“Through running, I have managed to meet so many people who you become friends for life with, and sport has huge power in general.”