Retired Falkirk shooter Jen McIntosh ‘very disappointed’ with ISSF stance

Retired two-time Olympian shooter Jen McIntosh, from Falkirk, has voiced her “disappointment” at the International Shooting Sport Federation’s (ISSF) stance in its dispute with the 2022 Commonwealth Games organising committee.

Jen McIntosh 'disappointed' with ISSF stance on 2022 Commonwealth Games involvement
Jen McIntosh 'disappointed' with ISSF stance on 2022 Commonwealth Games involvement

Shooting won’t be part of the Games now after the ISSF rejected the opportunity of having a reduced programme in Birmingham because they were not prepared to compromise any of their four disciplines, Commonwealth Games Federation president Dame Louise Martin claimed.

The sport was not among the three included optional sports recommended for inclusion – those were women’s cricket, beach volleyball and para tennis, but could have still been involved had they taken a reduced programme of small bore rifle and pistol events.

The Commonwealth Games organisers claim the West Midlands were not prepared to put the money into refurbishing the National Shooting Centre in Bisley, where the four disciplines would have been held. However, a temporary venue could have been built to accommodate the smaller programme.

McIntosh felt that if true rejecting those terms was “shortsighted” as having some involvement would maintain a level of visibility for the sport.

She tweeted: “If this is true, it’s very disappointing and incredibly short-sighted - would have been far better to find a compromise and keep the sport alive...”

The ISSF said: ”It is well known that the National Shooting Centre at Bisley has all the necessary venues in Olympic shooting events. They have the necessary qualified and experienced staff as well. This means that no serious financial expenditure is needed for venue construction and staff training. Accommodating athletes in Birmingham would not seem to be an issue.”

Meanwhile, Jen’s youngster sister Seonaid narrowly missed out on qualifying for the 10m Air Rifle Event at the World Student Games in Naples last Thursday.

The Heriot Watt 1st class honours degree graduate, who had the honour of being flagbearer for the GB team, finished in 17th, one point away from qualification in a field of 70 top athletes from around the world.