Local pupils get top class tennis coaching as Judy Murray helps launch new programme

Local pupils from Braes High School and Wallacestone Primary School recently received a tennis masterclass from the one and only Judy Murray.

Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 10:41 am
Judy Murray with pupils from Wallacestone Primary School
Judy Murray with pupils from Wallacestone Primary School

The world renowned coach, mother to former Wimbledon singles champion Andy and multiple time grand slam doubles winner Jamie, stopped by Braes where the pupils got some first hand skill development as part of the launch for a new Education Scotland programme.

Murray has partnered with government agency to create a Tennis at Home resource for parents and carers that will give children and young people across Scotland the opportunity to develop tennis skills at home this summer.

She explained “I want to open tennis up to many more young people and I’m a big believer in learning through play. I’ve created a series of fun skill-building challenges and games using basic playthings and household items which can be used in whatever indoor or outdoor space is available.

Judy Murray with pupils from both Braes High School

“There’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy and the activities will develop confidence and understanding as well as the basic physical skills that underpin all sports.”

The content has been specifically designed to fit whatever space is available – garden, park, playground, gym or pitch – making tennis and other physical activities accessible to all.

Using a range of simple equipment, the resource can be adapted depending on age and stage, as well as the skill development needs of young people. Enjoyment, challenge and success for every learner is at the heart of the programme and the design of the activities themselves teach the learners without the need for technical detail.

Children’s Minister, Clare Haughey added: "This programme is aimed at getting more young people involved in sports, including tennis – and the joy of it is that that they won’t need to have a tennis court or other special facilities to take part.”

This resource is available to everyone in Scotland and provides a series of fun activities and games from which young people can build physical competencies and cognitive skills, improve aspects of fitness and develop personal and interpersonal skills.