Falkirk School of Gymnastics 33rd annual competition - 2019
Falkirk School of Gymnastics 33rd annual competition - 2019

The twists and turns of a 33rd year of gymnastics excellence were on show in 
Grangemouth Sports 
Complex recently.

Falkirk School of Gymnastics’ annual competition was held back in their former home – the club’s venue before they moved to their new home in the Cow Wynd in 1986.

As usual the competition was divided into 4 sessions as 220 gymnasts took part during the day. For the first time Scottish Gymnastics rules were applied to the results due to the very large entry which awarded trophies, medals and ribbons for the first six places in each category.

The competition of this magnitude required a great deal of effort from the coaches and staff at Falkirk School of Gymnastics and would not have taken place without the judges on the day Norma Moffat, David Callahan, Hannah Moffat and Stuart Callahan who had the unenviable task of judging all the gymnasts.

The Infinity Juniors and Seniors also performed their displays.


Primary 1 Boys 

1st Taylor Clark, 2nd Cameron McKerracher, 3rd  Stephen Lannon, 4th Brodie Murray,

5 th Blair Webster, 6th Brown Ferguson 

Primary 1 Girls 

1st   Lucia Koen, 2 nd =   Keavey Gillespie and Summer Hastings, 3rd Saoirse Lomax

4th   Eve Allison, 5 th =   Emily Mitchell, Imogen Connelly, Lyra McCarren.6th Abbie Tierney 

Primary 2 Boys 

1st  Archie McFarlane,2nd  Lyall Laird,3rd Fraser Marjoribanks,4th Aaron Muir,5th Joe McGinlay 

Primary 2 Girls 

1st  Orla Riddick,2nd Millie McBride,3rd Poppy Houghton,4th Lucia Chicarella

5th Diana Sescu,6th Emily Morrison 

Primary 3 Boys 

1st  Kai Johnstone,2nd Ben Ross 

Primary 3 Girls 

1st  Amelia MacDonald, 2nd Chloe Crommie, 3rd Emily Ferguson,4th Katie Corbett

5th Caitlin McBain, 6 th Lottie Kennedy 

Primary 4 Girls 

1st  Olivia Miller, 2nd Isla Philp, 3rd  Cora Harmison, 4th Lily Blakey

5th Mirren McArthur, 6th Emily Auld 

Primary 5 Girls 

1st  Noemi Witkowska, 2 nd =   Isla Dean, Wiktoria Olejewska, 3rd  Mariam Amwar

4 th = Zoe Graham, Hailie Mitchell, 5 th = Caoimhe Bell, Layla Ferguson

6 th = Chloe Lannon, Nieve McMinn 

Primary 6 Girls 

1st  Esme Miller, 2nd Isla Duke, 3rd  Elle Doherty, 4th Calleigh McPhail

5th  Aimee Esther, 6 th=   Isla Raymond, Hannah Rous, Emily McQueenie 

Primary 6 Boys 

1st Carson Brown, 2nd  Andrew Wilson 

Primary 7 and S1 Girls 

1st  Rebecca Tait, 2nd Millie Kerr-Glen, 3rd  Brogan MacIntosh, 4 th Eva Smith

Advance – Pre-Club 

1st Katie Millar, 2nd Summer Robbins, 3rd  Zoe Grahame

4th Laura Spaczynska, 5th Ava Grant, 6th Erin McAuley 

Advance – Juniors 

1st   Kara Roberts, 2nd Freya McCabe, 3rd Alix Gray, 4th  Eden Leadbetter

5th Jessica Gray, 6th  Summer Spence 

Advance – Seniors 

1st  Laura Jagminite, 2nd Tia Turnbull, 3rd Keira Tortora

4th Laura Krzyzak, 5th Faith Reid, 6th Rebecca Smillie 

Girls club – juniors 

1 st Erin Laidlaw, 2nd Miren McPaul, 3rd Eirinn Farrally

4 th Ioana Sescu, 5th Orla Martin, 6th Jessica Laing 

Girls club – Intermediate 

1 st = Chloe Nisbet , Niamh O’Donnell, 2nd  Leonie Beveridge, 3rd Erin Stewart

4th Ellie Carroll, 5th Ellie Shanks,5th Charlie Coe 

Girls club – Seniors 

1st Sophie Hannah, 2nd Carice Baillie, 3rd Laura Nicol

4th Sarah Nicol, 5th Lois Cant, 6th  Summer Ferguson