"Amazing" generosity at Falkirk Bowling Club in William's memory

The first ever memorial day held in memory of a much loved and missed member at Falkirk Bowling Club raised over £700.

Monday, 6th September 2021, 1:47 pm
Updated Monday, 6th September 2021, 1:47 pm
Jean Sneddon (centre blue top) with family and members at Falkirk Bowling Club. (Pic: Michael Gillen)

The William Sneddon Memorial Day was held in memory of a long-standing member of the club who passed away last October.

Money raised on the day, combined with £300 the previous day at the Falkirk Stadium, will go towards having a defibrillator to be installed there.

William’s widow Jean said his passing had been unexpected and a complete shock.

“He had a massive heart attack,” she said.

“He had been in the garden all afternoon then had the heart attack at 11 o'clock at night.

“He passed away by 2am. It was very quick. I'm finding it hard to take in because he hadn't had a day's illness in his life.

“He was 88 but had never been ill. He was still very sprightly.

“It's been a huge shock.”

Jean said she and her family were “delighted” in having raised over £1000 over the two days and was touched by people's generosity.

“Everybody was so, so kind. They couldn't do enough for me. It was unbelievable.

“I sell the 50/50 tickets at Falkirk Football Club and I got around £300 from fans who were in the hospitality on Saturday which was amazing, then we raised the rest on Sunday at the memorial day.

“My family and I paid for the trophies and all the food so it was a free day for everyone apart from the raffles and other fundraising things.

“It was a fantastic day. Everybody enjoyed it. Some people who won prize money donated it back straight away because they knew it was going to such a good cause.

“I really want to thank everybody at the football and bowling clubs for their kindness.”

With the nature of William’s passing Jean says it is fitting to have a defibrilator on hand at the club where he had spent so much time.

"If we'd had a defib maybe it would have saved him.

"We couldn't save him but if we get a defibrilator at the club maybe it will save someone else.

“If it can save one person then I'll be happy.”