Not in play-offs quite yet

TO the outsider it might seem that the Warriors look doomed to finishing ninth and enter into the Russian roulette of the play-offs to try and maintain their Second Division status. But Irons is still up for the fight.

“It’s not over until it’s over,” he said. “We still have four games left and it is still possible to get out of the situation we are in.

“I would not say it will be easy but we have to keep believing we can turn things round.”

Irons admits, though, that the psychological impact of fighting against the odds every weeks could take its toll on his players, although he hopes that will not be the case.

“I suppose in the situation we find ourselves in there is a possibility that the fear factor could take hold,” he said. “But we do have some experience in our squad. Maybe not in terms of fighting relegation battles, but there are players who can help the younger ones through it.

“Everyone will simply have to learn how to cope with the situation. Things like this are part of life in professional football and we will just have to deal with it.”

Irons’ major objective looks like reaching the visit to Alloa on the second last day of the season still within striking distance of their local rivals.

“It could all come down to that game,” he said. The best way of hanging on to the coat tails of the rest of the league is to pick up as many points between now and then, starting at East Fife on Saturday.

“People might think they have nothing to play for,” he said. “But I think they will go into the game in a relaxed frame of mind and will just be able to concentrate on playing. And that might not work in our favour.”