No regrets for East Stirlingshire boss McInally

JIM McInally has no regrets over leaving his East Stirlingshire players without a match over the New Year weekend.

Shire moved their

January 2 ?xture at Elgin

City to October for fear the

game might not beat the

winter weather. Ironically,

with the big freeze now

easing, it might have been

their best chance of playing

for the ?rst time in six


But they will now have

to wait an additional week

until their Scottish Cup

game with Buckie Thistle.

However, McInally is not

dwelling on what might

have been.

"Although the weather is

getting better there is still

no guarantee the match

would have been on if we

had not opted to move it,"

said the Shire boss. "They

have had a lot of snow up

there and it might well

have been the case that the

game would have been off


"We moved the game

forward to October to avoid

any possibility of it being

postponed and although we

lost the match itself we now

don't have to worry about

making the trip onaTuesday

orWednesday night."

McInally's main priority

now is to get his players

training outdoors again.

With a thaw on and much

warmer weather in the run-

up to the New Year holiday,

he is hoping to get away

from the games indoor and back into outdoor full-scale matches.