No let up for Falkirk’s Gordon

Gordon Wright in action.
Gordon Wright in action.
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The season is over - but that doesn’t mean rocket man Gordon Wright is putting his feet up.

The motorcyclist from Lionthorn in Falkirk is already hard at work training for the start of the next Thundersport GB Championship in March, because in this sport, the lighter you are, the faster you travel.

“It’s not exact, but roughly every kilo in weight you shed could add one horsepower to your speed,” explained Gordon.

So when the rest of us are still tucked up in bed, the 36-year-old gets on his moutainbike and completes a gruelling 15-mile circuit – every single day.

Most days, he does all that before knuckling down to an 11-hour shift as an AA mechanic, travelling far and wide in his van to help struggling motorists.

The reasons Gordon endures such a regime are simple. He’s a natural when it comes to working with engines, as proved by his ability to single-handedly re-build his beloved KTM Superduke 990 motorbike after it was reduced to “a pile of bolts” following a crash on a test circuit.

And he needs all the spare cash he can muster to help pay for his participation in the expensive world of motorsport.

“Each race, from the moment I leave my house on the Thursday to when I arrive back home on the Monday, costs me £700,” he said.

“That doesn’t include any costs for accommodation – I just sleep in my van.

“It’s 100 per cent passion that drives me to compete. I’m just a mechanic that rides a bike – I’m no business man.”

Gordon began racing – on four wheels – in 2005, after his potential was spotted by the late Lawrence Hoy, a former Scottish hillclimb champion.

He switched to bikes three years later, and after a brief liaison with motocross, switched to road racing after buying his KTM last year.

He began competiting in the popular ‘Streetfighting’ class of Thundersport GB, and his natural ability quickly shown through as he secured podium places at events in Cadwell 
and Anglesey, both of 
which were broadcast on MotorsTV.

Gordon is supported by several local businesses but admits that he needs to find more if he’s to fulfil his ambition of completing all 12 races of the 2013 Thundersport season, which kicks-off at Brands Hatch.

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