Nimmo pinches Scottish jump record

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Long jumper Jade Nimmo asked her team-mate to pinch her after she extended the Scottish record by four centimetres.

Nimmo leapt 6.47m at a weekend meet in the USA to take the 39-year-old title set by her namesake, Myra Nimmo, in 1973.

And the Hallglen girl was in such euphoria at becoming the best female Scottish long jumper she had to make sure it was real.

The 21-year-old needed a dose of reality from her fellow long jumper and friend Ana Camargo while representing her university, Western Kentucky.

Nimmo exclusively told The Falkirk Herald this week: “I asked her to pinch me as I couldnt believe it.”

But after achieving her personal best Nimmo faced an anxious wait to find out if the leap fulfilled the criteria for the national record books.

“I was happy if it was legal, or not, because it was still my personal best but I was over the moon when it was okay.

“I didn’t want to get too excited until it was definite so waited to check that before I phoned my mum.”

Mum Jo, who works locally in Grangemouth, is one of a number of people Jade says she owes a debt of gratitude to.

Another is Willie Day who helped her switch from pentathlon to focus on the long jump.

And the Carronshore coach told The Falkirk Herald wasn’t surprised when he learned of Nimmo’s achievement “She was very talented - and had the right hard-working attitude - I always thought the record was coming for her.

“I started her off in pentathlons and I knew she was capable when she was second in the Scottish championships, but then she started to excel in long jump and won the Scottish title. From then on she’s just got better and better, and she’s definitely capable of improving herself even more and taking the record further.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see her jump 6.6m soon.”

Jade admits that’s in her sights, if she can “stay focused and stay healthy. Most world class long jumpers are in their mid to late twenties.”

She added: “Willie Day was my first coach always kept me motivated and allowed me to try different events early in my career. I’ll always thank him for his enthusiasm, support and for making it fun.”

The Sale Harrier’s current coach and Scottish male record holder Darren Ritchie also paid tribute to Nimmo’s achievement, which adds to her third-best indoor jump achieved earlier this year.

“I am absolutely thrilled for her. ‘Myra’s record has been the longest-standing individual mark in Scottish athletics. People have tried but haven’t managed to better what Myra did back in 1973.

“It was only her second jump of the outdoor season. We had hoped she get to around 6.45 this year so she’s almost exactly where we wanted and expected to be - a wee bit beyond it in fact.

“The European championship qualifying standard is only eight centimetres away.”

Finland hosts that competition in July and Jade added: “I thank Darren for supporting my decision to come to America, my mum - Jo Kenovan, Chaplins Hairdressers and Barrachd for their support and belief in me.”