McInally blasts quick turnaround of winter fixtures

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EAST Stirlingshire boss Jim McInally is hitting out at football chiefs for re- arranging postponed games too soon.

McInally's far from happy at being told his team would have to travel to Montrose for a game on Tuesday night that had to be postponed anyway for a second time because snowy conditions had not improved.

And he wonders why Shire are scheduled to travel to Berwick this coming

midweek when there is no guarantee that the game will beat the big freeze.

"I don't see any reason why they couldn't leave these

games alone until March," he said.

"It's a ludicrous situation. If you look at the forecast you can see they are not leaving enough time for the weather to improve."

The Shire coach contrasted that with last season when

his team's games postponed during the big freeze twelve

months ago did not take place until February or March.

"Ironically, last season we did want our postponed

games played quickly because we were chasing Livingston for the league and we knew they had undersoil heating.

"We were keen not to be left with a backlog but when

we asked for quick dates we were told that wasn't possible."

Saturday's home match at Ochilview has also fallen victim to the weather.