Kane wins European gold

Kane Elliott is a European champion
Kane Elliott is a European champion

Kane Elliott became a European champion on Saturday night as he came from deep to win the European Youth Championships 1500 metres in record breaking time.

The 16-year-old was nine seconds slower than his personal best, but still managed to break the tournament best by little over 20 milliseconds.

Falkirk Harriers' Kane Elliot

Falkirk Harriers' Kane Elliot

Kane’s personal best time sits at 3 minutes 46 seconds, but he came from fourth position to win in 3 minutes 55 in the searing heat of Gyor, Hungary, on Saturday.

Kane told the Falkirk Herald on his return from Gyor that the feeling still hadn’t sunk in.

“I thought with 150 metres left that I could get a medal, but I didn’t think I could win.

“I was aiming for second or third so I was quite surprised when I got first.

“It feels great, it still hasn’t sunk in.”

Kane, who runs with the Falkirk Victoria Harriers, is the first Vic to ever win a goal medal - despite the club having produced athletes that have competed at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

“It’s weird to think that I’m the first,” Kane said.

“It’s surprising. I’m very happy with it.

“Seeing everyone who has come through the Vics, and I’m the only one who has won gold.”

Aged 16, Kane still has a very bright future ahead of himself.

The youngster talked about his future ambitions, and he won’t be resting now that he’s a European champion.

“I want to make it to the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games and try to get picked for Great Britain again and then see what happens after that.

“It was my first time running for GB, it’s good, it’s new, it’s different. I’ve only ran for Scotland once or twice so it was a big step up.”

Kane was the only Scot in a Great Britain team that won six gold medals in Hungary.

That fact, though, didn’t both Kane - who said he quickly got on terms with a Welsh boy.

“I didn’t know anyone going there. Before I arrived there was me and Welsh guy, and we said since we didn’t know anyone we would share a room.

“We had another two folk from England in our room, and there was a group of six or seven of us that were together the whole time. It was quite a close group.”

Thirty-three GB athletes competed at the European Youth Championships, with the majority coming from England. Great Britain finished top of the medal table with their tally of six golds.

Kane is disappointed his Hungary experience was over so quickly, but is looking forward to getting back.

“It went past quick. You feel a bit down after coming back but I just need to get back in training and see what’s next from there.”