Gordon says bring on the next Battle of Hastings

19/07/2011'FHS -  Gordon Hastings darts player represented Scotland came third in European cup
19/07/2011'FHS - Gordon Hastings darts player represented Scotland came third in European cup

The gauntlet has been thrown down for a second battle of Hastings.

And there are arrows flying in a Brightons house - and piercing a cork dartboard.

The family Hastings are one of the most prominent exponents of darts in Falkirk district.

Dad Duncan is a second-generation thrower, and son Gordon (17) is following in his father’s footsteps too. But where’s the battle?

Well, when asked last week who has achieved the most in the past year, Gordon - who finished third with Scotland in the European Cup, told Heraldsport: “Probably me, I’d say I have been most successful but my dad won’t like to hear that though!”

But that was in the aftermath of his Scotland success. Since then dad Duncan has won the Friday Night cash tournament at the Norbrooke Hotel in Blackpool and that swings the balance in Hastings Snr’s favour.

“That probably outweighs my achievements,” Gordon conceded.

“But it gives me something to work towards. He won £400 so although I’ve done well I can’t really compete with that - so far.

“It was good to watch him win though.”

Gordon plays with the Mill Inn, just like his dad, in the local Pennies darts league and recently took it up competitively.

“Probably about a year ago, I started playing properly, although there’s always been a dartboard in the house and I’ve been going to competitions with my dad for as long as I can remember.”

About 18 months ago, dad Duncan was in the historic Lakeside darts venue winning the John Smith’s People Championship for Scotland.

Now, Gordon is on national duty. As well as the third placed finish in the four-man Scotland team, of 16 other teams he was also in the Scotland team for the English Masters the day after his paternal success.

He was part of the third-placed team overall at the Norbrooke Hotel in Blackpool.

“I don’t think it put me under any extra pressure seeing my dad win the day before.

“I had done well with Scotland - finishing third out of 16 countries in the European Cup but my dad made me try harder.

“But I actually lost both my matches, 4-3 to Josh McCartney and then 4-1 to Sam Cankett - but I had the second highest average on the day.”

In front of the dartboard is where the Hastings family feel most at home.

That’s where his grandfather, dad and uncle all enjoy to pass the time.

“They all play,” Gordon added, “so I suppose you could say it runs in the family.”

But so too does competition and Gordon now has a target: “I have to do better than my dad now.”

Let battle commence.