Forsyth warns Shire board he s not quitting just yet

I'll remain on the board, says director

EAST Stirlingshire director Alex Forsyth is adamant that he will remain on the board at Firs Park despite saying at Tuesday s annual general meeting that he was resigning.

Forsyth stormed out of the meeting just after it had started at Grangemouth Town Hall, following an outburst at fellow directors including chairman Alan Mackin.

Forsyth brought up an allegation made at last year s AGM, that director Douglas Morrison had not been nominated in time to be elected to the board.

Yesterday he was sticking to his guns, but vowed to fight on against the Mackin administration.

Forsyth said: ''I ve got 12 months to go on the Shire board and unless they take action to get me off I ll be seeing my time out.

''The minutes of last year s meeting should never have been approved at the AGM on Tuesday because Douglas Morrison s nomination wasn t properly made. When the shareholders accepted the minutes I decided I couldn t stay any longer and walked out, but I didn t say I was resigning.

Forsyth went on to claim that the club was spending more than it was bringing in.

He added: ''The board is trying to bankrupt the club so they can step in with a new rights issue and take over with one vote one share. When Mackin came in he vilified the previous board for it s financial performance, but we ve made it worse.

For the first time ever at a Shire AGM a motion was made from the floor to ditch accountancy firm French Duncan as the club s auditors, but the move was defeated by 27 votes to 11.

However, the group of minority shareholders who have voiced their opposition to Mackin in recent weeks later claimed he had refused to allow a motion of no confidence in himself and chief executive Les Thomson to be heard.

Spokesman George Ronald said: ''We were not satisfied with the responses we got. The chairman refused to allow the motion of no confidence to be heard and the answers we got to questions, particularly relating to legal fees, were fudged.

Had the motion been raised it would have been defeated as proxy votes cast in favour of Mackin were 1,684, with 320 against.

Ronald added: ''We know we would have lost the vote but at least the motion would have been brought into the public domain.

The club s former accountant, Adam Zarhabi, caused a further uproar at the meeting when he alleged he handed back 30 from his wages every week to Thomson, a claim that was hotly denied.

Meanwhile, team manager Brian Ross admitted he was "bitterly disappointed to go out of the Scottish Cup at Forres, but said his efforts to strengthen the team were being hampered because other teams in the league were paying much higher wages than Shire could afford.

He said: "Some teams are paying eight times what we are plus a signing-on fee, so it makes it very difficult to attract new players. Having said that I thought we should still have had enough to win at Forres but we just didn t compete.

Derek Lyle and Graeme McCheyne will be back in the side for the visit of East Fife on Saturday, and Ross is also desperately trying to get in a fresh face despite his cash restraints.