On The Wing: For the good of the game - how do we change Scottish football?

Former Falkirk FC general manager David White has his say on the current state of Scottish football in our weekly ‘On The Wing’ column.

By David White
Friday, 22nd May 2020, 4:30 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd May 2020, 5:02 pm
David White.
David White.

At a time of unprecedented crisis for Scottish football, when clubs should be pulling together, theyare pulling each other apart, and at war with the SPFL.

How did it come to this?

The creation of the SPFL in June 2013 was supposed to herald in a new era for Scottish Football with the first tentative steps being taken towards a fairer distribution of income to all 42 clubs a process we were promised would continue in subsequent years.

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Hampden Park. Picture: John Devlin.

Unfortunately, seven years on, nothing has changed. The 12 SPL clubs still get 82 per cent of TV income with the remaining 18% shared among the other 30 clubs.

Why has this happened?

Well, you have to look no further than the voting structure in the SPL which requires an 11-1 majority to vote in favour of any change to the current financial distribution model.

Is it therefore any surprise that fans, the lifeblood of the game in Scotland, are disillusioned and refer scathingly to the SPL as the Self Preservation League?

So how could we bring about much needed change to Scottish Football?

1. We need a new governance structure with a majority of independent directors on the SPFL Board who would take decisions in the best interest of Scottish Football.

2. We need a change in the league’s voting structure to allow a fairer system of income distribution to all 42 clubs in Scotland.

3. We need an independent and well thought out review of league reconstruction and not the type of knee jerk reaction we have just seen.

4. Finally, we need to give fans a greater say in the running of the game at both national and local level.

In conclusion, I believe there can be a better future for football in Scotland but only if clubs put their self interest aside, look at the bigger picture and do what is best for the game.

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