Watch It Again Weekend - Which match will you choose?

Which of these Falkirk games do you want to watch again on Saturday afternoon?
Falkirk TV.Falkirk TV.
Falkirk TV.

Scottish football was back on Saturday – but if you’ve been one of the many tuned in to Falkirk TV each Saturday since mid-March you’ll know it’s never been away.

The team behind the lens at the Bairns have been re-running some of the matches they’ve covered in more than a decade following the Bairns, and you’ve chosen your favourites each week.

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This week, we reckon we can guess which one of these you’ll take, but it’s up for vote nonetheless….

Do you want to re-live a low-scoring but thrilling encounter with Dundee under Steven Pressley in 2011?

Or see the Bairns hit four in deepest darkest Fife in the winter nights of 2017?

Or will you opt for the oldest of the three, the memorable celebration at Inverness when safety was secured in 2009?

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The winner will be shown on FalkirkTV's Youtube channel at 3pm this Saturday and what's more, to complete the matchday experience, The Falkirk Herald will run the usual match report and online content at full-time while the club are offering virtual match sponsorships and a 50-50 draw which has netted winners four-figure prize pots.

Of course *Pie and Bovril not included.

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