'Turfed out on Christmas Eve doesn't change how I feel about Falkirk'

Lee Miller and Mark Kerr in the stand in January 2018
Lee Miller and Mark Kerr in the stand in January 2018

Lee Miller insists his love for Falkirk hasn't been tainted after he was told he had no future at the club on Christmas Eve.

Miller and Mark Kerr did not fit into then-manager Paul Hartley's plans and were pulled into the manager's office and told they were no longer required at the Falkirk Stadium on December 24, 2017.

Miller, who came through the ranks at Falkirk, admits it was hard to deal with at the time.

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But in the end it worked out well as he joined Livingston and earned promotion with the Lions.

He's now been appointed as co-interim manager alongside David McCracken and asked if he had any reservations about returning to the Falkirk Stadium after the incident, he said: "No, things happen.

"Everybody knows how I feel about the club and it would never change in terms of that.

"I also strongly believe things happen for a reason. Timing is everything in football.

"Yes, it wasn't great the way things happened in the end but it's football.

"There was a new management team in place and they have different ideas and stuff.

"Yes I wouldn't have liked to be done in the way it happened, but I went to Livingston and got a promotion and was playing in a Premier League so it kind of balances itself out.

"I was given my chance here as an 18-year-old with Alex Totten I was here for years and loved it so I respect the club.

"I'm just delighted to be given this opportunity and thriving on it.