The Benchman: Where have all the glory hunting Aberdeen fans come from?

Can you name these two players clashing in a Scotland v England match? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name these two players clashing in a Scotland v England match? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
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The Benchman marvels at the hardy souls that ventured out to McDiarmid Park and wonders why a decision in the Mark Stewart case took so long to be reached.

PEAK VIEWING: OK, here’s the TV choice. You can watch Aston Villa against Chelsea or you can watch St Johnstone against Ross County. Attendance at McDiarmid Park? 2213 hardy souls. If you lived in Dingwall, would you travel 250 miles to see your team play in a match that started at 5.30 p.m., when the match was live on television? Of course you would.

30,000 MISSING DONS: The A9 was a mass of cars and buses heading for Celtic Park on Sunday. It was estimated that 40,000 Aberdeen fans were heading for the game with red scarves fluttering in the breeze and inflatable sheep festooned in the rear windows. The number stands in stark contrast to the average attendance in recent times at Pittodrie. Glory hunters? Remember the numbers at our more recent finals. Where do they go on your average Saturday afternoon?

NICK, NICK: Not content with flashing his sponsored underpants at the TV cameras, Nicklas Bendtner flies over to Denmark for a wee jaunt and ends up in more soapy bubble. The tragedy is the guy really believes he is one of the best players around. The taxi driver was quoted as saying: ‘I’ve seen drunks and alcoholics in Copenhagen for over 25 years, but I’ve never experienced anything like it.’ Nicklas might be on his bike at the end of the season. Note I didn’t say “Taxi for Bendtner.” Nobody would take him.

TEASER: How many Anglos were in the 1967 Scotland team that beat England at Wembley?

THE EGO HAS LANDED: Nicolas Anelka (what is it about that name?) takes the biscuit. “As I want to preserve my integrity,

I’ve decided to free myself and put an end to my contract with West Brom with immediate effect.” As Rab C.Nesbitt might have said: “Integrity? I’ll give you integrity, boy!”

MARKING TIME: Why did it take so long to reach the verdict in the Mark Stewart case? The wheels of justice turn very slowly it was always said. Surely they could have made a decision a wee bit sooner than this? Their next case is a claim from West Ham that Falkirk were 7/6 short in the Syd Puddlefoot transfer money.

NEARING THE TREBLE: Super Ally and his merry men are closing in on an incredible treble. Having won what is really Division Three, they now stand within touching distance of the big one: the Ramsdens Cup Final. Many would say they should already be out of the Scottish Cup. A lot of referees would have disallowed that late equaliser against mighty Albion Rovers at Ibrox.

ANSWERS: Last week’s mystery picture was a scene from the Rangers v Dundee Scottish Cup Final. The keeper was none other than Bert Slater who had a great game and kept the score respectable. Falkirk signed Angus Plumb from Hibs.

MYSTERY PIC: Who are the players in action in this Scotland v England match? Tweet your answers @FalkirkHeraldSp