The Benchman: The player hacked down by his teacher

Can you name this player? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name this player? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman looks forward to Saturday’s crunch game with Dundee and recalls Bobby Collins and his size four boots.

LEAGUE TABLE: The Championship has quite a different look to it now after that Dundee-Hamilton postponement. It rules out the game in hand, but the two teams are now well in sight - and eminently catchable. It makes Saturday’s clash a crucial one. Should be Match of the Day.

MASTER AND PUPIL: Great story from Arbroath Football Memories group. One of the guys was leaving school on the Friday and signed for Dundee United. The next day, he was playing against St Johnstone reserves and his immediate marker was none other than his old schoolteacher. The lad had to go off injured after a hefty challenge and guess who carried him off the park? You guessed it.

THE WEE BARRA: Sad to hear of the death of Bobby Collins who was a great wee player. Everyone at Parkhead, Goodison, Elland Road and Cappielow thought very highly of him. He was a skilful, clever and thoughtful inside forward. And he did it all in size four boots!

ANSWERS: Last week’s mystery player was Third Lanark star Dave Hilley and the Bairn who moved to Inverness and faced his old club was Bobby Bolt.

TEASER: Which two Bairns have been signed from Stoke City?

WE’RE ALL DOOMED: Even when they’re not playing, the red-tops devote at least four pages to the latest crisis down Govan way. Salary cuts, redundancies, cut-backs, budget savings, different ways of working. Welcome to the real world, guys.

REMEMBER WHEN: Some people used to doubt the stories of old Brockville refreshments; spearmint chews, macaroon bars, Carlton crisps - especially the mobile Bovril seller. Imagine this in the days of ‘Elf and Safety - a young lad walks round the cinder track with a canister of boiling water strapped to his back and pours the liquid into paper cups. I was delighted when I had the story confirmed in the best possible way - I actually met the man himself. He told me his parents had a local chip shop and did all the refreshments at Brockville. He was the guy. Now what about throwing coins from the terraces into a blanket at a distance of 20 yards or so...

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: Last week there was plenty of speculation about possible transfers from Falkirk. Scouts galore were reportedly at games to try to persuade Bairns to move south. There is a long history of Falkirk successes like Messrs. McDonald, Parker, White, Gillespie and McLaughlin, but a much, much longer list of those who went South and rued the day they ever left the club that gave them their chance.

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