The Benchman: Offal Dunfermline rewarded with tripe

Can you name this former Scotland internationalist? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name this former Scotland internationalist? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman recalls a time when Morton players were rewarded with five sheep for winning at Ibrox while Dunfermline had to make do with rather less.

THAT WAS THE WORLD CUP THAT WAS: So that’s it for Brazil 2014. One of the best tournaments for a long, long time. Great goals, edge of the seat excitement and shocks galore. The introduction of the spray foam for the free kick wall was a success. No encroachment seen. Too many teams were exposed as one-man outfits and the biggest disappointment of all were the English side. Club versus country? Some countries emerged as strong units - notably USA - but the power of the English Premiership is due to its reliance on foreign imports. Best league in the world? Maybe the richest league, but not necessarily the best.

SEISMIC SHOCK: The early exits of Spain, Italy and England were major upsets, but they were nothing compared to that semi-final between Germany and Brazil. In years to come, it will rank along side such turning points as the Hungarian demolition of England at Wembley and in the Nep Stadium. The key point will be how Brazil react to the defeat. The players and the nation were shell-shocked. Germany learned from their 5-1 hammering by England and went for home grown players who were kept together at various age levels. They built up in stages and were ruthlessly effective. To their great credit they were magnanimous in victory. No show-boating, no nutmegs and no mickey-taking.

CONFERENCE CALL: Some were surprised when Falkirk lost to a Conference side. Anyone who had seen Conference football on TV would know that this is a very good standard, especially in the upper reaches of that league. Luton Town took an age to get out of the division and look what their history is. The Conference teams consist of several who have graced the Football League in recent seasons, and salary levels are beyond many Scottish clubs.

A WIN BONUS?: Morton players were once given five sheep as a bonus from a local butcher for scoring five goals against Rangers at Ibrox. We now hear that Dunfermline once gave their players two pounds of tripe each from a local butcher as a bonus.

ANSWERS: Last week’s picture was Peter Lorimer about to strike against Zaire. The 1891 innovation was the penalty kick.

TEASER: From which club did Falkirk sign Eddie May?

ROTHERHAM: Falkirk play Rotherham in a friendly tonight and we are reminded of two players who represented both clubs. Tom Young was a promising centre forward who left Falkirk to go to Tranmere. Eddie O’Hara came to Brockville from Shettleston and won three Scotland under-23 caps.