The Benchman: More rubbish from the Old Firm

Can you name this player? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Can you name this player? Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp

The Benchman is less than impressed with Glasgow’s gruesome twosome.

HOLD FIRM: What changes? Nothing. Eight pages of Old Firm build-up from Monday onwards. Press obsession with past stars from both sides. Foreign journalists and camera crews descend on Hampden. What do they want? Blood, snotters, red cards, mayhem, crowd trouble. Add in years of hatred, bigotry, resentment - not to mention the recent shenanigans at Ibrox and you get what we got.

WHERE WERE THEY?: Was it the weather or the recent form of their team? Where were the missing 28 Sons fans? Last time there were 158 of them and this time their number had dropped to 129. It shows how difficult it is to make ends meet in the current state of Scottish Football. The income from the visiting fans of clubs like Alloa, Cowdenbeath and Dumbarton probably doesn’t cover the cost of policing them.

IT’S YOUR HERITAGE: The club has a rich and proud history, and maybe one day we will see a museum or heritage centre in the stadium or in the town centre.Meanwhile, a new Twitter page provides some great memories from the club’s past. For Falkirk fans who like to look back at the story of The Bairns have a wee look at @HeritageFalkirk.

TRANSFER WINDOW: It must be galling for managers and supporters to wait for the window to close. If big offers come in, they might be under huge financial pressure to accept, but where do you find replacements at one minute to midnight?

ANSWERS: Last week’s mystery player was Craig Watson who came to Brockville later in his career. Aalborg was the name of the Danish side who came to play at Brockville.

TEASER: Who were Falkirk’s first ever opponents in a Scottish league match back in 1902? They are currently in the lowest league in Scottish senior football.

BECAUSE IT WASN’T WORTH IT: Surprise, surprise. David Ginola ended his campaign to take on Sepp Blatter for the FIFA top spot. The former shampoo advertiser was paid £250,000 by a bookmaker for his two week campaign. Should the list include Luis Figo or is it Tom Elliot?

WHY NOT? Given the interest in the rugby tournament, wouldn’t it be great to resurrect the old Home Nations?

FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL? The Partick Thistle v St Mirren match attracted a crowd of 3864 last Friday night. Top league fixture. No rival attraction from Old Firm matches. Short distance to travel. When will they ever learn? Saturday, 3 p.m.

HAMILTON ACADEMY CONVEYOR BELT: What an example the New Douglas Park side are providing. James McCarthy, James McArthur and now Stephen Hendrie. A pre-contract after agreeing to a £1m compensation deal. Those who thought he was just a good snooker player must be jealous now.