The Benchman: Former Bairns can light up English Premier League

Name the player seen here scoring for Scotland. Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
Name the player seen here scoring for Scotland. Tweet your answer @FalkirkHeraldSp
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The Benchman congratulates Stephen Kingsley on his move to Swansea City and wonders if five former Bairns will play in England’s top flight in the same season for the first time since the late 1950s.

BEST GAME OF THE TOURNAMENT: It isn’t always the final, and each tournament throws up a real classic. In 1966 it was undoubtedly the Portugal v North Korea match. This time around it might well be the Belgium v USA game - it had everything you could ask for. Even President Obama got in on the act. Tim Howard’s display was fantastic and he didn’t deserve to be on the losing side. Fifteen saves in a game? Who keeps count of such statistics? Mind you, I remember Willie Whigham saving more than that on several occassions.

A MILLER’S TALE: A pal in The Wheatsheaf had a wee bet that Falkirk would sign Miller. He didn’t say which one though. The money looks like going down the tubes. Lee Miller has gone to Rugby Park. Mark Millar looks to be heading for Hamilton. Who’s left? Roger Milla is too old. Charlie Miller is retired. That only leaves Lex.

LUIS SUAREZ: What does it say about football today that Barcelona are desperate to sign the errant Liverpool striker? You can understand the reluctance of sponsors of the Anfield club to move him on, but it is interesting to hear the views of the supporters. Most I have spoken to admit that he brought the club/the game/his country into disrepute.

GREAT MEMORIES: Which Falkirk half-back used to really rough up any new signings in the old Blues v Whites pre-season trial matches?

ANSWERS: The Airdrie star was Drew Jarvie - complete with a full head of hair. Two players who arrived at Brockville from Stoke City were Jimmy Adam and John Clark.

TEASER: What was first introduced into Football in 1891: penalties, two-handed throw-ins or crossbars?

SWANSEA BOUND: I first met Stephen Kingsley a few years ago when he was doing a promotional visit to a youth employment project in the High Street. He was younger than many of the people at the event, but he conducted himself well and was a good ambassador for the club. He has progressed well and is one of the best prospects for some time. He knows that he will get a chance at Swansea and every Bairns fan will wish him all the very best. Here’s hoping he will become another ex-Bairn to win Scotland honours like Joe McDonald, Gary Gillespie and Davie Weir.

IS IT A RECORD? Five former Falkirk players might be playing in the top flight of English Football this season. This has happened before though, and you have to go back to the late 1950s to find out who the successful ones were. At Goodison Park, there was Alex Parker and Eddie O’Hara, while across the city there was Bert Slater at Anfield. John White was just starting out at Spurs and the quintet was completed by Joe McDonald at Nottingham Forest where he moved after playing for Sunderland. Let’s hope the new boys do well. We’ll be looking out for their ratings in the Sunday papers.

MYSTERY PIC: Who is pictured about to score for Scotland?