The Benchman: Everton protestors aren’t so fly

Recognise any of these faces? Tweet @FalkirkHeraldSp
Recognise any of these faces? Tweet @FalkirkHeraldSp

Everton’s new away kit brings back some painful memories of previous Falkirk tops for The Benchman.

PLANE SPEAKING: The Everton pressure group who hired a plane to fly over St Mary’s last Saturday urging Bill Kenwright and Co to go wasn’t the first or the last of the aerial protests. There have been similar attempts at Liverpool, Millwall, Blackburn and Old Trafford over the years. We even had a rockville Barnstormer when a plane flew over trailing the banner “Ritchie Invest In Your Bairns.” The best ever terrestrial protest was surely from Bristol City fans who held up placards to show their displeasure with then manager Alan Dicks. You’ve guessed it: ‘Dicks Out’.

The return of former heroes doesn’t always work out

DOCTORGATE: Oh dear Jose. What do you do when you are in a hole? Stop digging. Was this the last straw? Had their been previous? Was the referee wrong to wave the medical staff on? Was he really injured? Is Jose blessed with amazing powers of medical evaluation from a distance? Watch this space.

RETURN TICKET? The keyboard warriors were urging the club to sign Lee Miller, remembering the glory days when the player ran amok at Brockville under the expert tutelage of Owen Coyle. My abiding memory of the young Lee Miller was on the tour to the Czech Republic, when he cut a solitary figure out in the middle of a public park as his mobile was ringing with calls from his agent. His subsequent career saw peaks and troughs and he earned three Scotland caps in a great run at Dundee United and Aberdeen. The return of former heroes doesn’t always work out and there are quite a few who came back to Brockville and weren’t in the best of form.

ANSWERS: The studious young man was Willie Henderson and Falkirk signed Jamie McQuilken from Hibs.

TEASER: To which club did Falkirk transfer Alan Irvine?

DEJA VU? Old Firm snatch player from under the noses of their arch rivals. This week’s Scott Allan saga reminded me of the events of July 1989 when there were audible gasps among the press corps when Mo Johnston walked into the press conference with Graeme Souness.

STRIPPED FOR ACTION: What about that Everton away kit? Green and pink ? Mind you we have had pink before, and that chocolate brown away Coventry strip. What was the worst Falkirk strip? Maybe that royal blue top from the centenary year. Or the chess-board top.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME: What a week that was. One of the most impressive displays you will ever see. An event to cherish and live long in the memory. The meteor display on Wednesday night? No - Mark Kerr’s strike last Saturday.

CLEVER GABLE ENDIES: What a team Montrose must be. They went down fighting at Easter Road according to the Sunday Times, and at the same time managed to beat Arbroath 3-0 at Links Park. Now that’s what I call strength in a squad.