Warriors begin ball-work drills

Andy Rodgers
Andy Rodgers

Andy Rodgers is pleased Stenhousemuir are finally getting some ball-work in pre-season.

The notorious summer running sessions haven’t quite been as bad for the Warriors who are getting some drills as well as fitness work.

“It’s not been too bad - only the first Saturday was solely running,” the striker told The Falkirk Herald.

“Sometimes the ball is out but it’s more running based exercises but to be honest it’s not been too bad.

“We’re all starting to get into it now after a couple of weeks and the new boys have settled in well and been at most of the sessions.”

And Greg Ross has also thrown his hat in the ring for the team-bonding at the dartboard.

“Greg has put his name forward for the darts,” added Rodgers, an avid arrows fan.

“There have been a few games so far and to be fair, Kevin McKinlay came back from holiday this week and did pretty well after slating me. I’ll give him his due.

“But then again we have been slogging it out in pre--season while he’s been on holiday resting!

“There have been a few guys on holiday and a few still to go and that’s why we’ve started so early to compensate for them being away - but it’s all going well.”

As well as McKinlay’s darts digs Rodgers also agreed with new strike-partner John Gemmell - “I do like a moan as the big man said. He’ll need to get used to it again.

“I save it for games though, I’m not too bad in training.”

The Warriors were expected to have their first friendly tonight (Thursday) but will have a practice match themselves.