Stenhousemuir say Division One for Rangers

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Stenhousemuir say Rangers should be admitted to the SFL - and in the First Division.

Warriors chairman Bill Darroch revealed the club's position on the topic dominating Scottish football in a statement on the club website tonight.

He had yesterday told The Falkirk Herald the club would evaluate all the options and say 'yes or no' to a Rangers NewCo.

And after discussions the Warriors have accepted the proposal rejected by Falkirk late last night.

However, like the Bairns the Ochilview board have stressed the need for restructure.

In his statement Mr Darroch detailed the options and concluded: "The Board members have discussed the options. We have also taken into consideration the comments and views put forward by the Trust and our supporters. These comments were very effectively asserted at the meeting, similar as they were to the majority of other clubs.

"In deciding how to move forward and given the two straightforward options now available, the club does not feel any decision should be based on ‘punishing’ any other football clubs; that is neither our role nor our priority.

"Instead, we believe we have a duty to move forward with whichever option we believe will be in the best interests of Stenhousemuir Football Club. In this situation and having considered the consequences for the club primarily, but also that of the many other clubs who would suffer significantly, we will support Rangers Newco joining the SFL on the strict proviso that the various elements of restructuring and merging of the league are agreed to our satisfaction.

"For the reasons stated above, we would anticipate that the Rangers Newco would be entering at Div 1.

We have met as a board formally on two occasions to discuss this in depth and there have been numerous other communications between Directors. Be assured that the implications for the club represent an honest assessment of the scenarios and are not over dramatised or overstated.

"We are a strong club with our own initiatives and identity which would be heavily impacted by any other outcome. However, the positives of this can be a stronger and more equitable league structure going forward and you have our assurance that we will apply every pressure to the authorities to achieve this outcome."