Stenhousemuir have friends in the right places

Scott Booth is unveiled as the new Stenhousemuir manager.
Scott Booth is unveiled as the new Stenhousemuir manager.

Scott Booth has been impressed in his first few days as new chief of the Warriors.

He was quick to highlight the club structure in his first few days as manager at Ochilview after taking his first training session on Tuesday night.

“In general I think this is a really well-run club,” he told The Falkirk Herald. “So many people are in the right places with the right criteria to do the job that’s needed.

“That is something that has stood out and something I’d like to highlight immediately - they are all trying to do the best to improve the club and that’s why I’m lucky to have the coaches who I have, and have the board who are who they are.

“Everyone involved so far have been great, they’ve made my job easy so far so it’s up to me to make their lives easier by getting results.”

The work on achieving them has already begun ahead of Saturday’s match with Dunfermline. The players have also impressed their new boss.

“The intensity of the session surprised me,” Booth added.

“When you’re in and working with them at training, you are that much closer to the whole thing, you can see each pass and see the way their minds are working when you’re in and close-knit with them.

“We have a good quality in this squad. The intesity that came off from them on Tuesday came as a bit of a surprise because it really came across that they wanted to give their all and do well - I was loving that.

“The results we’ve had recently have been good in one or two difficult matches ans situations and they’ve dug in and worked hard.

“That’s one of the main aspects since I first had the chance of this job - Ive noticed in a lot of games they’ve ground out a result and also been able to go to Ibrox to not only get a result but perform in a way that shows we can play.

“There’s experience there capable of dealing with tough games and tough situations.”