My Sporting Week: Scott, ‘this is crazy, you have our number, call us maybe?’

Stenhousemuir manager Scott Booth
Stenhousemuir manager Scott Booth
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You’ll have heard the expression ‘Today’s news, tomorrow’s chip wrapper.’

What’s new today is old, and often forgotten about in a few weeks time. It certainly seems the case. The football season has only been back a few weeks and the Commonwealth Games are a fading memory, and Wimbledon? I couldn’t even tell you who won it.

It’s even the case for The Falkirk Herald. One week I’d been off on the publication day – Thursday – and by the time I was back in the office the fruits of the previous week’s work were all gone. Old news. We’d moved on to the following week’s issue – the current issue.

That’s the nature of this business. “This is a newspaper, not a snooze-paper,” as my colleague Stuart Barber once warned fellow reporter Scott McAngus.

Things move on – and in the digital 24-hour news cycle – at an increasingly rapid rate.

And so too does readers appetite for information.

That’s why it is puzzling that Stenhousemuir’s manager refuses to deal directly with this newspaper’s sports reporters after the news pages had reported on his court appearance in June.

That week was the last time Scott Booth dealt directly with The Falkirk Herald whose circulation area encompasses Stenhousemuir and a large swathe of their support. The club is sponsored by local businesses yet by failing to co-operate it is these organisations who are not being given a fair return for their investment.

We’ve allowed a cooling off period, approached the club for mediation and been assured things were back to normal and we could resume giving the fans the coverage they and the club deserve.

Still, three weeks, no answer, no calls returned to my colleague Chris McCall.

Mr Booth doesn’t have to. It’s not obligatory. But a football manager is the figurehead of the club – in this case a community interest club – and should reflect it both in standing, and in results. It’s what the fans want.

And you’re only as good as your last game, or in this case story... because as we know what’s printed this week will be usurped by next week and so on and so on.

Yet one of the most recent stories in Scott Booth’s back catalogue is the very one he has taken issue with.

But instead of it becoming a chip wrapper, it’s been left, for months, as a chip on the shoulder.